More Visitors to Your Website With A Freelance SEO writer

Become the big guy that gets the most traffic.

You can get more sales when you target the right people with Search Engine Optimization. The process is effective, and the rewards are long-term, unlike paid advertising which is temporary and expensive.

Hire a professional freelance SEO writer. I will create a strategy that will bring more visitors to your website and then more sales.

Don’t be like those who just create content on their website and leave the rest to fate or luck

You don’t just write content or create videos. You need to work with data, tools, and other skills like copywriting and Search Engine Optimization.

Answer or solve problems your buyer’s problems using the right keywords, content strategy, and SEO tools.

Then the right audience gets to see your product or website when they try to find solutions to their queries. First, they see you consistently, and then, they begin to take your product seriously.

Want to know more?

How to create content that bring more visitors, sales and refferals

It might take days to write a long-form blog post.

The saddest part is when the content you spent hours writing is not getting clicks.

Oh, holy pains! 😭😰🥺

The solution is to know more about Search Engine Optimization.

No, it’s not just about writing great content, but knowing what pushes great content to the top of Google Search Engine Result Pages.

But you have competitors who are already in the game before you.

Even worse, you might have little money to spare for marketing.

Your Online-Neighbourhood Freelance SEO Writer

My name is Adekusibe Ogunmokun. I’m an author, blogger, and freelance SEO writer. 

I’m a certified Hubspot SEO writer. I’ve been creating blog content since 2017 when I was working for a freelance SEO writer agency.

I’ve published fiction and non-fiction books, and I have some books under pen names. My experience is diverse, and that’s why it’s easier to write very engaging content 7/7 times a week.

I’ve helped individuals, kindle authors, and business owners with their writing projects.

I dabble into copywriting. I know the end game of each of the outlines handed to me.

If you’re hiring me, it means you want to make more money from what I write.

Yeah, I understand you want conversions and new subscribers.

Sadly, it’s not just about content.

Blogs, websites, social media pages, or online businesses don’t make money by merely creating content.

You need conversions, sales, subscribers, etc… There are strategies, skills, and tools to create those results.

You want to write content that makes people buy your product and do what you want them to do.

That’s a combination of a lot of things: copywriting, content writing, storytelling, Search Engine Marketing.

And yes, that’s my job.

Many freelance writers don’t do that, or they don’t know how to do it effectively.

Let’s talk about you… your website.

Is the competition too much in your niche? Do you need an SEO strategy that puts you ahead?

You want to be different… outstanding, but not in a bad way

Let me ask you a question:

Is Your Website Getting Poor Organic Traffic?

Maybe this is your screenshot of the number of visitors:

Well, you need more than this to get sales.

I can help you:

  • Increase the number of quality and SEO-friendly blog posts on your website
  • Increase the amount of organic traffic every month
  • Reduce the bounce rate
  • Improve the Click through rate
  • Write content that connects with your ideal buyers
  • Bring more sales with all of these activities

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