I Wrote An Ad for Nike af1 Shadow

Headline: Want to conquer the world? Check Your Feet.

We don’t mean that literally. 

Like, check your feet? Really, no.

The thing is, we care about how you feel in every situation. When you walk into a room with every eye on you, we want you to feel like a conqueror. 

How you walk can say a lot about what people think of you. Walk like there is a lot of pride in your steps, and people will think you are the performing artist at the club.

Scientist says it’s about perception. What do you think about yourself? How you feel every second you walk through anything is important.

Your appearance is a powerful tool. You can conquer the world when you feel comfortable on your feet, talking in front of a huge audience, or skating in the park with your buddies. 

So, here we go. 

Try your hands — we mean, feet — on the Nike AF1 shadow

Bounce. Fly. Sprint. 

Stay confident on your feet.

Once you walk into the room, the Nike AF1 symbolizes a star. 

With double overlays, the Nike AF1 Shadow is like walking with more swagger than the average person. It’s not for everyone, though. Not for those who don’t want to feel like they gained a superpower.


What the Nike Air 1 is Made of

  • A Playful design with reflective details
  • A comfy foam midsole. It feels like your feet are cushioned
  • An iconic shape. 
  • Maybe the midsole is slightly exaggerated, but the idea is to make the shoe instantly recognizable. Even if you walk in the dark, people can tell from how you work. The confidence in your gait. 
  • A lightweight midsole, which is flexible and comfortable. 
  • It’s Nike. You belong to those who get things done. 

Please, note. This product is meant to be a comfortable piece of accessory for casual outings, meetings, or parties. Please do not use it as protective wear. 

You can pick yours through this link. You should check right now because there are limited products in each colour. Pick your choice before it runs out.

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