East of Eden Review: 7 Life Lessons from the Book

East of Eden Review

The title of the post says East of Eden review. However, what you are about to read is how subtly and profoundly this book teaches us about life lessons, mistakes, human psychology, and the consequences of your actions.  So, is East of Eden a good book? East of Eden is one of my favorite books … Read more

How To Read Critically (for Creatives)

How to read critically

Do you want to understand a complex topic to the degree that beats the average human? There are a couple of ways to go about it: reading, doing, and working with a mentor. Reading is cheaper, and this post is for creatives — writers, musicians, programmers, etc. — who want to learn how to read … Read more

10 Interesting Short Stories To Read for Free (Boost Your Creative Juice)

short stories to read

Good fiction is great for expanding your imagination. So, I checked my bookmarks and notes and came up with 10 short stories to read and boost your creativity. For more insights, check my post on the importance of reading fiction. 10 Short Stories to Give An Exciting Sense of Adventure These are some short, interesting … Read more

A Saner Guide to Writing A Novel

Learn how to write a novel

I have an impossible and difficult task before me — to explain how to write a novel in a single blog post. Teaching novel writing in a day or one blog post is impossible. Teaching anyone something as creative and demanding as writing a fiction book is pretty hard. Every author knows this. Writing a … Read more

3 Stupid Simple Ways to Increase Business Growth

how to grow your business

Are you struggling to grow your business from 0 to 100? You have probably done much work, asked for help, and made some difficult decisions last year. Getting your business to the top isn’t like growing flowers. It’s hard. Well, welcome. This post will show you ways to increase business growth by applying simple ideas … Read more

The Science of Awe: How to Use It in Writing, Creative Work, and Everyday Life

Being great at anything is hard, but by studying and applying the science of awe, you can create or do amazing stuff consistently. Let’s start with the last time you experienced something unique and profound. Try to remember how you felt after you saw or noticed something extraordinary. Something that makes you pause and take … Read more