8 Fundamental Benefits of Content Writing for Businesses

I have a question: 

How do people spend most of their time on the internet?

You’re nearly wrong if you say people come online to chat or browse.

The answer is most people consume content. 

You read a blog post, serial fiction, or a tweet. You watch a video or listen to a podcast. 

You are engaging with someone’s content. The same way you’re engaging with mine right now. 

Now talking about the benefits of content writing, the thing is, writing covers a greater deal of the content you will see online. 

Check places like Twitter, Medium, blogs, websites, Facebook, Wattpad, Reddit, and quora. Many of the things you read in these places are written. 

The other forms of content are sounds, videos, images, etc.

As a business owner, you have a bigger chance of getting more sales when you create content around your product. 

Instead of just selling, you can offer to write something interesting, informative, creative, or helpful and put your product into it systematically. 

Just like I am about to do right now.

Hire A Professional Content Writer

If you’re a hiring manager and want to grow your business with content through blog writing, copywriting, or newsletter, reach out to me using the contact form. It’s at the top of this page. 

I will be expecting.

You see, I just sell something, but there’s greater value on this page that isn’t about me selling my service the entire time.

People will ignore you if you don’t do it right. They will avoid you when your content pops up in their timeline if you focus too much on sales. The saddest part: they won’t even check your product at all. 

I have been explaining how to write effectively. You can check my previous posts on content writing: 

Note I will be using the word “content” to refer to the written form of content, such as: 

  • Content for websites
  • Blogs
  • Product descriptions
  • Email campaigns
  • Keynote speeches
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletters

Most times, the advantages of written forms of content apply to other forms like videos, images, and infographics. Some of the benefits of content writing mentioned below are valid if you’re a podcaster or video creator.

Why is content seen as a currency?

On the internet and in marketing, content does what money does for a business owner. 

In the physical world, if you want a book, you go to a shop near you. So you give them money, and they give you the book. 

On the internet, the marketer gives you content and asks for your attention in exchange. 

If you enjoy the content, it is easier to convince you to check out a product or sales page and buy something. 

The dynamic is different from platform to platform. 

Many people sell ads on their websites or newsletter. It is like a deal between the content creator and a product seller. For example, someone with many newsletter subscribers can create this offer: I will tell my 100k subscribers about your app; how much will you pay? 

That’s a good example conversion in content marketing. A newsletter owner gives out free content to get people’s attention. Then he converts that attention to money by meeting someone with a product to sell. He sells the attention. 

The importance of content

Most successful online brands create content

Content drives attention and then drives sales. 

Does that mean if you create content consistently, you will sell? 

Not really.

But if you create content consistently and the right people see it, it will bring more attention and sales. 

Of course, there is a gray area between creating the right content, getting noticed, and selling your product. It is one of the reasons people hire professional content writers. A professional will use some of the skills such as: 

Traditional forms of advertising 

Traditional forms of advertising are faster and have their advantages. However, it’s like paying for some seconds for a TV commercial. 

The announcer will talk about your product for a few seconds and call it a day. They don’t know if the listeners are taking action, and there is no way to measure that. 

In our modern age, ad effectiveness can be measured a lot better. For example, you can use tools to understand how your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google ads perform. Other benefits include: 

  • It’s a guaranteed way of reaching people. You will reach people no matter what. But you can’t force them to click or buy. 
  • The results are faster. They are usually sent as an annoying intrusion to a set audience. Remember when you watched something on a YouTube video, and a young girl showed up asking you to help her? That’s not what you want to see, but it shows up.

Marketers realize that despite how fast the result can be, it is usually temporary. If you don’t have a catalog of contents or backup plan to keep things moving, the advertiser will stop showing your products. So with time, the number of engagements or sales will slow down.

And That’s Why You Should Invest In Content

Blogging, Linkedin content writing, and Twitter are a few examples of places you can consistently write useful content and bring attention to your products.

If you want all the benefits of content writing to grow your enterprise, invest in content creation for a long time. 

8 Amazing benefits of content writing for businesses

These are the reasons you should invest in writing quality content. The reward can be sporadic or slow.

Note: It is important to say that these are the ways content writing will help your business —- if it’s done right.

#1. Content Writing brings leads to businesses

It’s an opportunity to sell your product or services without intruding. A professional content writer builds trust and likability before selling your product.

The sole purpose of content writing is to bring attention. Selling comes later and it’s subtle.

#2. With content, your business reaches new audiences

Content writing can create interest in your product. In addition, it introduces your product to new people. 

#3. Get to know your audience

When you create content and observe analytics, you will get valuable insights into what your ideal buyers enjoy reading. It can help you create better content or even ads.

#4. Understand your buyers’ journey even better 

According to Hubspot, only a few percent of your content will bring the most sales. Of course, you can’t easily guess, but with content writing, you can determine which of your content makes the phone ring or drive more traffic to the landing page.

#5. Explain your product to your buyers 

If you’re running a startup and people don’t understand your product, content is one of the effective ways to educate people about what you’re selling.

#6. Develop other forms of content from what you’ve written

It is easier to convert written content to other forms, making content distribution faster. You can create snippets out of a long-form blog post. You can make videos out of content that people are already consuming.

#7. Drive more organic traffic with SEO content writing 

The benefit of content for SEO is that it brings leads even when you’ve stopped creating them. 

(Note: writing is 1 out of 100 things you need to succeed with Search engine optimization. You can check these 17 SEO Best Practices for more details).

#8. Build your brand, your position, or your community around your products

Your approach to content writing can shape people’s perceptions of your product and brand. For instance, if you’re a fan of this blog, you’re probably judging my writing service and personality even though all I do is write. The same happens when you create content. 

It is the most important of all the benefits of content writing because it determines if people like you or recommend your brand.

How can I create quality content?

You should start with a deep understanding of your audience and write the most useful piece of content. 

You can check some of the links added earlier in this blog post for a start. 

The Right Content Is King

Now you know how content writing can grow your business. Your next job is to dive deep and create the kind of value that makes people want to stick around, follow you on social media, share your content with their family, and tag you on Twitter. That kind of value is difficult, but it’s an investment that will pay. It’s a currency you need to buy the right people’s attention. 

And if you need a hand with developing content strategy or writing quality blog posts, use the contact form or send me a dm on Twitter. I’ll Reply in a minute.