Letter to a Friend: Is Reading Fiction A Waste Of Time?

Why you should read fiction

I saw your question the other night, and my heart began to palpitate. Nothing serious. After drinking some water, I am calm and steady, but I need to answer your question: is reading fiction a waste of time? It seems simple not to read fiction, and I am worried about the things you’re missing. I … Read more

Make Money Writing by Thinking Bigger and Bolder

earning through content writing

When people talk about making money writing, they mention writing for brands. But that’s just one way to go about it. What if you can build a sustainable business out of writing for people?  Let’s talk about passive income or making money writing in a bigger way. Shall we? First of All, What Is Content … Read more

Who Is Your Teacher(2)? Teju Cole

Teju Cole

A little rewind to something around 2012, I was addicted to a forum called Nairaland. I read a lot of web stories. It was the first time I realized I could and wanted to be a writer after reading many interesting stories by people like me. So I tried, failed, and quit. Then I promised … Read more

The Science of Awe: How to Use It in Writing, Creative Work, and Everyday Life

Being great at anything is hard, but by studying and applying the science of awe, you can create or do amazing stuff consistently. Let’s start with the last time you experience something unique and profound. Try to remember how you felt after you saw or noticed something extraordinary. Something that makes you pause and take … Read more

11 Interesting Ideas From Naval Ravikant On Joe Rogan Podcast

naval ravikant joe rogan quotes

If you have listened to Naval Ravikant on Joe Rogan’s podcast, you will find a few ideas you can apply to money, life, and happiness. These are some of the important ones that are worth sharing. Naval Ravikant is a tech investor, philosopher, and podcaster. His ideas about wealth, technology, and the future are awesome. … Read more

How to be Happy Alone Without Feeling Like a Loser

how to be happy alone

Some people struggle with being by themselves all the time. This post will explain why and how to stay happy alone. Be warned. This a very long post, so long it was meant to be an ebook. So bookmark this if you’re quite busy and come back to it when you have 30 minutes to … Read more

16 Fascinating Content Writing Topics To Seduce Your Business Audience 

content writing topics

At some point, one of the challenges a content writer will face is “What should I write about?” or “What content writing topics will interest our readers?” I’ve been there many times. Some call it writer’s block, but I think it’s the uncertainty that usually comes with creating content or creativity. Will people like our … Read more

13 Ways to Make Money as a Content Writer (+Resources)

how to make money as a content writer

Find out how to earn money through content writing. You’ll discover the truth, the lies, and some resources. Your journey to six figures as a content writer begins with the understanding that you have to steal people’s attention. Then, determine how much value you can offer people and business owners. So, let’s get started. How … Read more