16 Fascinating Content Writing Topics To Seduce Your Business Audience 

content writing topics

At some point, one of the challenges a content writer will face is “What should I write about?” or “What content writing topics will interest our readers?” I’ve been there many times. Some call it writer’s block, but I think it’s the uncertainty that usually comes with creating content or creativity. Will people like our … Read more

Why I start a Blog (This is a rant)

Start a blog

Are you planning to start a blog? This post can give you some things to think about, even though it’s meant for people who start a business and give up too soon. It’s the era of blogs that have no souls; it’s the era of marketing that takes a lot of successful strategies out of … Read more

What Is Content Writing? 10 Signs You’re Doing It Right

what is content writing

Writing can bond two people, businesses with potential customers, or two strangers across continents.  Businesses can leverage writing to reach new people by starting a blog, sending emails, or writing on social media. For instance, the average person makes more than 4 searches per day, and many of these searchers want to read something. That’s … Read more

12 Things Content Writers Do for Businesses (Now and in the Future)

content writing for beginners

So, what do content writers do? Well, read on.   Content Writers’ Job Description A content writer is responsible for creating written content that educates, entertains, and creates awareness about a business. He is expected to write and write and write some more content that will be published on, say, websites, blogs, used for speeches, … Read more

Content Writing vs. Content Marketing What’s the Difference?

Difference Between a Content Writer and a Content Marketer

The differences between content writing and content marketing shouldn’t be confusing. They are easy to clarify. If content marketing is a topic, content writing is a sub-topic. What Is Content Marketing? Content marketing is a type of marketing that use content — videos, written content, audio, or images — to create awareness about a business.  … Read more