Some of The Best Realistic Fiction Books I’ve Ever Read

Garden --- realistic fiction books are like gardening. It's real.

Realistic fiction books are books completely immersed in reality. They hardly use magical things or discover alternative universes. Their central plot, theme, or conflict is around real-life issues. When you read the characters, you can’t help but imagine that they could be you living your life. 10 of the Best Realistic Fiction Books You Should … Read more

How To Grow As A Writer

how to grow as a writer

The ball is in your court if you want to grow as a writer. You can do it, but where will you begin this journey? The first step is to start to describe what you do in detail. What do you do? ‘I’m a writer’ is a bit vague. I have no idea what that … Read more

8 Books On Storytelling Mastery

Books on Storytelling

There are too many books on storytelling. The real issue is how many offer much value compared to the hours it would take to read them. For most, not so much. Read as many as you can. Pick what’s useful and move on to the next. However… Some books are richer or more helpful than … Read more

What Makes a Good Protagonist?

What makes a good character

You already have the resources to know what makes a good protagonist. Try to remember your favorite character from a book.  Now, ask yourself what you like about them. Usually, you choose them because of how they make you feel and the thoughts you have of them when you see them. And usually, these characters … Read more