On Hiring The Best SEO Expert (The Smart Guide & Tips)

Hire an SEO expert

You want to hire an SEO expert. This article covers everything you need to know. What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization prepares a website from overall structures to page design to ensure it can be indexed by search engines like Google and for the pages to rank as close to the top as possible. Why … Read more

Story Writing Lessons From Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith --- story writing

In the quest to get better at writing stories, I read a lot of author’s advice. Zadie Smith is one of the best people I learned how to do that from. She talked about writing in a way that’s so interesting. About me –– I have a fair idea about story writing because I was … Read more

How To Grow As A Writer

how to grow as a writer

The ball is in your court if you want to grow as a writer. You can do it, but where will you begin this journey? The first step is to start to describe what you do in detail. What do you do? ‘I’m a writer’ is a bit vague. I have no idea what that … Read more

8 Books On Storytelling Mastery

Books on Storytelling

There are too many books on storytelling. The real issue is how many offer much value compared to the hours it would take to read them. For most, not so much. Read as many as you can. Pick what’s useful and move on to the next. However… Some books are richer or more helpful than … Read more

5 Brand’s Successful Content Marketing Examples

organic content marketing examples

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on two things: content and distribution. It’s all about creating content and getting it to the right people. As a beginner, it’s great to see the brands doing it right and what you can learn from them. You want to pick a thing or two from successful … Read more

How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

how to convert website visitors to leads

One of the greatest burdens of any online business owner is getting noticed. Look at the internet. There is so much noise, so many ads. Many of the big players are taking all the attention. Yet, there is another bigger problem when you start getting noticed. How to make people buy your product, also known … Read more

What Makes a Good Protagonist?

What makes a good character

You already have the resources to know what makes a good protagonist. Try to remember your favorite character from a book.  Now, ask yourself what you like about them. Usually, you choose them because of how they make you feel and the thoughts you have of them when you see them. And usually, these characters … Read more

How to Market Digital Products And Get Sales Consistently

how to market digital products

I’m sorry if this sound like bad news, but the best time to start marketing your products is some months ago.  But all is not lost. Let’s see how you can market your digital products.  Promoting digital products is easier these days. Look, everyone and their toddlers are online doing one thing or another. It … Read more