Why You Shouldn’t Hire Human Writers Anymore

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I started as a writer, offering everything from SEO blog writing services to copywriting to storytelling. So why would I say you shouldn’t hire humans anymore? Well, things have changed. Let me explain. In the past, you bought a domain name, set things up with a host, and started writing as many articles as you … Read more

I wrote a Review Ad for Grammarly

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Headline: Someone Offered To Fix My Writing Anxiety (At $3 per week for every day’s work) You know how it feels when you want to master how to drive a car, but you can’t figure out how to start the engine. That was how I felt every time I turned out an article. Sometimes, I … Read more

I Wrote An Ad for Nike af1 Shadow

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Looking for Nike copywriting example? Look at this: Headline: Want to conquer the world? Check Your Feet. We don’t mean that literally.  Like, check your feet? Really? The thing is, we care about how you feel in every situation. When you walk into a room with every eye on you, when you’re stepping onto that … Read more

10 Interesting Short Stories To Read for Free (Boost Your Creative Juice)

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Good fiction is great for expanding your imagination. So, I checked my bookmarks and notes and came up with 10 short stories to read and boost your creativity. For more insights, check my post on the importance of reading fiction. 10 Short Stories to Give An Exciting Sense of Adventure These are some short, interesting … Read more

A Saner Guide to Writing A Novel

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I have an impossible and difficult task before me — to explain how to write a novel in a single blog post. Teaching novel writing in a day or one blog post is impossible. Teaching anyone something as creative and demanding as writing a fiction book is pretty hard. Every author knows this. Writing a … Read more

16 Fascinating Content Writing Topics To Seduce Your Business Audience 

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At some point, one of the challenges a content writer will face is “What should I write about?” or “What content writing topics will interest our readers?” I’ve been there many times. Some call it writer’s block, but I think it’s the uncertainty that usually comes with creating content or creativity. Will people like our … Read more