Why You Shouldn’t Hire Human Writers Anymore

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I started as a writer, offering everything from SEO blog writing services to copywriting to storytelling. So why would I say you shouldn’t hire humans anymore? Well, things have changed. Let me explain. In the past, you bought a domain name, set things up with a host, and started writing as many articles as you … Read more

I wrote a Review Ad for Grammarly

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Headline: Someone Offered To Fix My Writing Anxiety (At $3 per week for every day’s work) You know how it feels when you want to master how to drive a car, but you can’t figure out ot start the engine. That was how I felt every time I turned out an article. Sometimes, I saw … Read more

I Wrote An Ad for Nike af1 Shadow

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Looking for Nike copywriting example? Look at this: Headline: Want to conquer the world? Check Your Feet. We don’t mean that literally.  Like, check your feet? Really? The thing is, we care about how you feel in every situation. When you walk into a room with every eye on you, when you’re stepping onto that … Read more

A Saner Guide to Writing A Novel

Learn how to write a novel

I have an impossible and difficult task before me — to explain how to write a novel in a single blog post. Teaching novel writing in a day or one blog post is impossible. Teaching anyone something as creative and demanding as writing a fiction book is pretty hard. Every author knows this. Writing a … Read more

10 Most Important Parts Of A Content Writer Job Description

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This is a simple content writer job description for business owners who want to hire. This post simplifies what’s expected of the writer for your brand. To move your business forward, you want professionals who understand how content writing works. Save time and send this to the new hire before or after recruiting them. These … Read more

How To Use Storytelling In Marketing

how to use storytelling in marketing

In a couple of minutes, you will learn how to use storytelling in marketing. But this is better explained with specific examples. Imagine you drive to a city far away. You have never been here before. Your phone is dead, it’s getting late, and you need a place to spend the night. So you stop … Read more

Make Money Writing by Thinking Bigger and Bolder

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When people talk about making money writing, they mention writing for brands. But that’s just one way to go about it. What if you can build a sustainable business out of writing for people?  Let’s talk about passive income or making money writing in a bigger way. Shall we? First of All, What Is Content … Read more