8 Books On Storytelling Mastery

Books on Storytelling

There are too many books on storytelling. The real issue is how many offer much value compared to the hours it would take to read them. For most, not so much. Read as many as you can. Pick what’s useful and move on to the next. However… Some books are richer or more helpful than … Read more

What Makes a Good Protagonist?

What makes a good character

You already have the resources to know what makes a good protagonist. Try to remember your favorite character from a book.  Now, ask yourself what you like about them. Usually, you choose them because of how they make you feel and the thoughts you have of them when you see them. And usually, these characters … Read more

10 Interesting Short Stories To Read for Free (Boost Your Creative Juice)

short stories to read

Good fiction is great for expanding your imagination. So, I checked my bookmarks and notes and came up with 10 short stories to read and boost your creativity. For more insights, check my post on the importance of reading fiction. 10 Short Stories to Give An Exciting Sense of Adventure These are some short, interesting … Read more

A Saner Guide to Writing A Novel

Learn how to write a novel

I have an impossible and difficult task before me — to explain how to write a novel in a single blog post. Teaching novel writing in a day or one blog post is impossible. Teaching anyone something as creative and demanding as writing a fiction book is pretty hard. Every author knows this. Writing a … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Storytelling in Marketing: How To Attract, Engage, Convince…

Storytelling in Marketing

As I prepared this post about storytelling in marketing, my mind went back to 2015, when I started freelancing.  I’d just completed my first diploma and was searching for a job that would pay me good fortune. Young people dream a lot, and at a certain age, some of us want to start taking responsibility … Read more