Handmaid’s Tale Summary: Why So Much Noise About This Interesting Book?

The Handmaid's Tale Summary

The Handmaid’s Tale is a fiction book by Margaret Atwood. It won some awards, such as the Author C. Clarke Award and the Governor General’s Literary Award for English-language fiction. An adaptation is already on HBO. This post features the summary of The Handmaid’s Tale and some important lessons from the book. You have probably … Read more

That Famous Book: Lessons From The Alchemist and Questioning Its Popularity

Alchemist Book

The Alchemist is like reading a fable. If you are tired of reading regular self-help books about following one’s dream, pick The Alchemist. You’ll never regret it. However, this is not the best book if you want something profound and a literary genius. Overall, the book tilts toward entertainment, adventure, and working on your passion. … Read more