10 Most Important Parts Of A Content Writer Job Description

This is a simple content writer job description for business owners who want to hire.

This post simplifies what’s expected of the writer for your brand.

To move your business forward, you want professionals who understand how content writing works.

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10 Essential Responsibilities of a Content Writer

#1. A background or experience in marketing

Experience in marketing is an essential part of the content writer job description because it means you are not just hiring a writer but a writer who knows how to meet business goals. In addition, each blog post or article written will be measured with analytics to see their effectiveness.

It doesn’t mean they need to have a degree in marketing. (It helps if they do). But they need to have achieved something that requires them to have used some marketing lessons.

Some examples include growing a certain number of followers on social media, growing a blog, or selling a reasonable number of online products.

#2. Research Skills

Good writing requires both creativity and research. So, the content writer’s job description requires a pragmatic research approach. But, sometimes, they must take the challenge and write about it.

#3. Copywriting or persuasive writing skills

Copywriting skills are an important part of the content writer job description. It’s mandatory. It’s one of the skills required of a content writer.

Although content writing differs from copywriting, they are expected to convert some buyers into subscribers and regular visitors or push them to take action. Therefore, testing their copywriting skill is important.

#4. Versatility

Some brands will require content writers to do a few other things on the side. For example, I have seen content writers helping with content distribution. Therefore, basic knowledge of other professional skills, such as search engine optimization, social media management, or reporting, is often required.

#5. Ability to use content management systems and tools

Content management systems empower brands to handle a lot of content in one place and in an organized manner. So, an experience using one of them (WordPress, Hubspot, etc.) will be great.

#6. Ability to create a simple content strategy or work with one

Working with someone who can do keyword research, study the audience, and create a content strategy is advisable. These content writing skills are hard to teach because experience is the best teacher.

Nevertheless, creating a content strategy isn’t the same as seeing how it drives business results in real time. So, again, practical knowledge is better than theoretical understanding.

However, you don’t want to include this requirement in the content writer intern job description. Even pros are struggling with creating an effective content strategy for brands.

#7. Collaboration

The content writer will work with other professionals such as designers, SEO experts, social media managers, and customer care reps. They must have communication skills and the ability to work with other marketing team members.

#8. Editing skills

An editor helps to fine-tune the content, but it doesn’t mean they will rewrite all the blog posts or correct avoidable mistakes.

“Am” does not start a sentence except when asking a question.

#9. Understanding of the industry

Working as a content writer for a construction company is easier for someone with a background in architecture. However, if a field is highly technical, it is important to check if the writers have the expertise to educate the audience about the topics. When understanding an industry, it covers terminologies, topics, trends, tools, audiences, and markets.

#10. Creativity

You can ask the candidate what creativity means to them as a content writer.

In short, creativity to most online brands is about looking at what’s working on a platform or social media, understanding it, and beating the competitors at their games.

Include this in your creative content writer job description: what is the most creative project you have executed as a content writer?

I wrote a post using my experience as a fiction ghostwriter. It’s the second-most-read post on this blog.

Be Flexible

These parts are essential in most content writer job descriptions, but flexibility will probably be required depending on brand goals and business expectations.