16 Fascinating Content Writing Topics That Never Fail To Seduce Your Business Audience 

At some point, one of the challenges a content writer will face is “what should I write about?” or “what content writing topics will interest our readers?”

I’ve been there many times. Some call it writer’s block, but I think the uncertainty usually comes with creating content or creativity generally.

Below are a few ideas you can write about for your business.

You don’t have to worry about if your audience will find them interesting. They have been tested and trusted to work.

Yes, I added links to examples and tips on achieving the best result with each of them.

16 Content Writing Topics You Should Try For Your New Business 

Some of the examples I linked to are popular. Some were viral. But that is another aim entirely.

If you have read my other post about content writing, I wrote that the purpose of writing for your business is to help your audience. Help your buyers, and they will remember your brand or products. This purpose is the most important, not virality. Going viral doesn’t necessarily mean people will want to buy your product.

Let’s start.

#1. Ultimate Guides 

These are long-form posts that explain a topic in-depth. 


Still not sure about the ultimate guide? 

You can start by doing keyword research. Or think of a problem your audience is struggling with and write an ultimate guide about it.

You can use Quora, Reddit, or Search Engines to see what people want. 

You can check my former blog post for more details: on how to select keywords for SEO.

#2. Your story/why 

Why did you start your business?

Write a story from a point in your business or life that’s affected your current achievement. It will be perfect if you make it inspiring or reflect on individual lessons or mistakes.


If you run a business blog, you can think of content writing topics that will be published as personal essays. 

Using channels like Twitter, you can list your lessons in a thread.

HINT: start with whys? Why do you write? Why do people love our brand? Or why did I fail at marketing?

#3. Counter articles to popular posts 

Someone has published a blog post or article about a topic, and you think the content or teaching is false or wrong. Dust off your keyboards and crack your knuckles and write against the argument.

This is effective because there is a great chance that your article will go viral if the one you disagree with is popular.

A word of caution: have a strong argument. Don’t write something that makes you look unreasonable.


#4. Review 

Find some products or places and write a detailed review about them. The rule here is, to be honest, and ensure the product is useful to your target audience. 

These content writing topics can serve your brand in many ways. For example, it can get backlinks from other brands, is likely to be syndicated or republished by bigger blogs, and boost your relationship with existing brands.


#5. Detailed answer to a customer’s question 

Your readers probably have questions about your business or your personality. If some of them ask similar questions, that’s a good sign. You should write a detailed answer and let it satisfy their curiosity.

You can also find your ideal reader’s questions on places like Quora, Reddit, and Answerthepublic.


#6. Inspirational Posts 

Inspiring posts can come in different forms, but it starts with you being inspired.

It is the type of post that comes to you while you are having dinner with your crush, and you can’t help but pull out a note and a pen.

It should have the probability of moving your audience as much as it forces you to write.

Still thinking of content writing topics to write on this year? Summon your inner storytelling and motivational speaking skills.


#7. Your answer to popular myth in your industry 

Each industry has its form of controversy.

In the phone industry, people always argue about the quality of androids and iPhones. In the sex industry, they fight about morality. Most times, SEOs argue about each Google update (as if they want the search engine driven by technology to remain stagnant). 

What is that one topic in your industry that people are talking about? What’s your opinion about it — a hill you will die on? Write and publish it. 


Writing tips:

  • Some of these posts are developed from research. So you can either do your research into the topic or rely on your years of experience to create a compelling argument.
  • It doesn’t have to be a topic or debate in your industry. It could be something you read in the news. 
  • Take the side that will favour your business (obviously). Unfortunately, a topic like this usually creates a kind of divide between the readers. So choose the side of your business.

#8. Steal  A Famous Copywriting Swipe File And Write something similar for your brands  

I have tried it — unconsciously — for a Linkedin post, and the response was great.

Head to Swipefile.com or swiped.co and pick a famous copywriting sample that did well back in the day. Let it inspire your next blog posts:


Writing Tips

By the way, I can help you write this type of content if you want something powerful and remarkable. Let’s inspire your audience with a copy that builds interest or move your audience to fall in love with your brand. It could take more than a week to develop. So let me know in time if you are interested in this service. Use the contact form, send a dm on Twitter or simply send an email to Hadehwrites (@) gmail.com. 

#9. Try something and write about it 

Start a challenge and write about it. 

It is another version of point 7. Here, you’re debunking a myth because you took the time to participate.

Writing tips 

  • The purpose of this type of post is honesty. You want to burst a myth or re-educate your audience about a misconception. Try that thing for a certain period and then write about it. 
  • You can start with something small. For instance, I did the diamond push-ups for 100 days or tried a kind of diet or something that people have been arguing about.

#10. Business Lessons to inspire other business owners 

You are a business owner, and some of your audience is business owners. 

One of the great topic ideas for content writing is your journey and lesson. It is quite different from your story. You are not telling your entire story but picking an important part that relates to your business.

If your story answer “why did you start,” this one answers “what you have learned from starting for a certain period.”

#11. Listicles of tips or tools or something helpful

Write epic listicles of information, tools, or collections. It could be the most powerful articles you have read or the best advice you have gotten.

#12. Write about someone or a brand that inspires you

We are products of who we read, listen and surround ourselves with. So look around you or think about your business and write about someone that has inspired you.


#13. A post inspired by research 

Check places like PEW research and see some of the interesting findings.

Some might not be related to your industry, but look elsewhere until you find some. Then start writing. 

Instead of asking, what are the trending topics for content writing, ask what are trending research. Then use the ones that apply to your business.


14. Throw A Question at Your Audience and collate the best answers 

Ask an important question and let your audience provide solutions.

Brace yourself, though. You’re likely to get thousands of emails or responses depending on the size of your audience.


15. X Rules of X 

The truth about rules is that there are no rules, especially in business, life, writing, or anything that requires some creativity. 

However, what would you say if you were asked to create some things you would never compromise in your job, life, health, or business? 

Yeah, those are worth writing about, and you can use them to engage your audience and emphasize why they should trust your brand. 


#16. Your prediction for the future

What do you think of the future of your industry? 

It is hard to do because no one can predict the future, but be bold in your dealings and make your guess public. 

Yes, some of them might not come true, and that’s the point. So permit yourself to be wrong with some of your guesses. (If all your guesses are wrong, maybe you should start a new business. Don’t you think?)


Create Content-driven in Buyer’s interest 

The best content writing topics are those inspired by your readers. That said, you can look for inspiration in the ordinary or unrelated. I hope this list helps you to do that. 

Want to write any form of this content? Do not hesitate to reach out or check my service page.

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