7 Must-Have Google Tools for Every Entrepreneur

Grow your business with the best Google tools. 

These tools are designed to enhance your business, provide insights, create content or simplify campaigns. 

As an entrepreneur, you need them to enhance productivity, automate tasks or market your products. 

What’s more?  Google does care. Many of their tools are free and of premium value.

In this article, you will find 7 tools and their purpose. 

7 Best Google Tools for Entrepreneurs 

These are seven Google tools you should consider using to improve your business goals.

#1. Google Business Profile

The purpose of the Google Business profile (formerly called Google My Business) is to create awareness for your online customers on google search and maps. 

For instance, let’s say own a store. Creating a Google Business Profile will add your details to Google. Then, if you complete the profile with SEO tips, your business will come up when people search for terms relating to “stores in your location.”  

Take your time to provide accurate information. Upload photos, present an irresistible offer and use specific locations. After you offer services to your customers, ask them to check your profile and leave reviews. These are the things that will make your profile stand out. 

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#2. Google Search Console 

If you have a website and want to understand what people care about, user experience, and what search terms lead people to your page, then the Google search console is the tool you should start using. 

When you sign up, you will understand how your website is performing. On the side, you will get tips and recommendations depending on your metrics. 

#3. Google Analytics 

Google analytics work closely with Search Consoles. While search consoles give you reports about people’s experience with your website, Analytics dive into SEO, advertisements, and pages’ performances. 

Google Analytics works for business websites, social media pages, and apps. 

It is one of the essential Google tools if you are doing Paid Ads and you want to measure your level of success of ROI.

Some of the things you can measure in analytics include: 

  • Source of traffic
  • Referrals 
  • Bounce rate 

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#4. Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to pick a specific location and see what most people are searching or typing into their search boxes. 

You can use the result to enhance your marketing strategies. 

Another tool that works with Google Trend is Think With Google, which educates (with articles, images, and videos) you about audience behavior in specific regions.

#5. Google Drive

Google Drive is an essential tool for sharing, storing, and working on files in almost all formats. It is cloud-based storage that can be synchronized with different devices simultaneously.

As an entrepreneur, you can create files in PPT, Doc, PDF format, etc. it is easy to work on projects on mobile devices and PCs. You can easily share or work on files simultaneously with other people. It makes working from home easier and smarter. Moreover, the documents are automatically saved on the internet as you work. 

Here is a tip: 

When you want to convert a file to any format, follow these steps: 

  • Upload the file to Google drive
  • Select file > download
  • Choose the format you want to download. 
  • You have successfully converted the file.

Under Google Drives, you will find other features like Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, etc.

#6. Google Forms 

Although Google Forms is a feature under Google Drives, it is important to mention it separately. First, it is useful when hiring: you can use it to collect data about candidates. 

You can use the form to ask questions if you’re a marketer. Put the link on your website, social media page, or a public forum, and let people fill them out. 

7.  Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best Google tools. It is an internet browser for activities such as accessing websites and inputting search queries. Of course, it is an obvious and popular addition, but it is worth mentioning for many reasons:

  • 66% of Desktop users work with Google Chrome
  • It is easy to work with other Google Tools when you’re using Google’s main browser (chrome) 
  • It supports a wide number of extensions 

Get more work done with Google tools

You can work seamlessly across multiple devices, locations, and apps with the right tools or use data from different sources. Working with Google tools is like selecting a community of free, powerful, and best tools. 

Want to share word docs with people? Use Google Drive. Want to create forms for recruitment or marketing campaigns? Use Google Forms. Want to understand your buyers? Use analytics and search consoles.

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