How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

One of the greatest burdens of any online business owner is getting noticed.

Look at the internet. There is so much noise, so many ads. Many of the big players are taking all the attention.

Yet, there is another bigger problem when you start getting noticed. How to make people buy your product, also known as how to convert website traffic into leads.

The truth is, there are some forms of magic you can use.

It will stop being magic if I reveal it in this blog post.

But let’s do it.

What Is Lead Conversion?

If you’re here, I believe you know what lead conversion means. But to ensure we’re on the same page, let’s put a short definition up.

The lead conversion is a process or strategy to make a potential buyer, subscriber, or client buy your product or subscribe to your service.

Things You Should Know About Converting Internet Leads

Before you get angry about the number of buyers or sales you’re getting, there are some statistics to put things into perspective.

Email marketing is the best way to convert leads to visitors, followed by content and event marketing.

Website traffic falls under content marketing, but without social media or content distribution, it’s incomplete.

What does this mean for you?

In other words, your website isn’t the only tool; you need an overall investment in content marketing to get the most of your website traffic.

Although email will bring you more sales, your website will bring you a lot of email subscribers than anywhere else.

With search engine optimization, for instance, your website will continue to generate leads when you’re not posting or writing new content.

Let’s talk about getting more out of your website traffic.

How to convert website traffic into leads

For this post, we will assume your website is in good shape. We will also assume you’re getting traffic to your website already.

The post is about how to convert website traffic to leads. Therefore, it already assumes you have traffic.

It’s another topic entirely if you don’t have the traffic yet.

Here are a few things that can get you more traffic. You can skip it if you don’t need it.

Now, the main part of the equation: conversion.

Converting Website Visitors To Leads: 5 Things To Do

#1. Start early

Some business owners wait until they have a certain number of visitors before generating leads. That’s the wrong way to go about it.

Start your lead generation process as early as you can.

Ultimately, you will still have to learn about your visitors and adjust your lead generation process, so the faster you start, the better you have the information or data needed to change things.

Want to know how to convert website traffic to leads? Start early.

#2. Give free things

The average internet user doesn’t want to pay for many things. They want many free things, so you have to be ready to give them that.

Give them free stories, webinars, free documents, ebooks, free courses, or anything you can afford to give for free.

If that will make them return to your website, that’s even better for your website authority, retention, and Search engine optimization. Online courses and content are your best bet in this case.

You might ask, do I need to do all of that? And the answer is yes. Your competitors are probably doing more than that. When it comes to how to convert website traffic into leads, the idea is to be the first your buyers will remember when they need you.

#3. Write for the right audience

Think of the people you’re trying to attract and write the content that will help them. The process is called building a buyer persona and writing to that persona.

A persona is a short description and data about the customers you want to attract. To have this data, you can do actual research, read some study materials, do surveys, study your Google Analytics, or observe what your buyers say or talk about in specific communities. I explained this a lot better in How To Start Freelancing and How to do keyword research.

For instance, if your website sells books, your audience is readers. You can go to Quora or Reddit, join the community and stay active there. Gradually, you get to read or observe what they talk about. You can create content that answers some of their questions on your website and share it in those communities. (Check the rules of those communities because it is easy to get banned PERMANENTLY on Reddit.)

#4. Use Tools and Automate Your Process

Automation tools and lead generation on your website are like best friends. You want to automate or alert your visitors about your offer, or they will leave without knowing you have something else to show them.

Internet users are always on the run unless they are really invested in the topic or being entertained.

You can alert them with sidebars or pop-ups. Make it easy for them to reject your offer if they don’t want it.

I will talk more about this.

Some marketing sources put the conversion percentage between 2 to 4% of the most traffic you get. Some say it’s less than 10%. Mathematically, if you have 10,000 visitors per month, the percentage of those that will give your their emails or buy your product is between 200 – 1000 per month. This even goes down a lot more when you’re selling and want people to pay for something.

You will have no leads at all if the audience you are attracting is not the ones visiting your website. For instance, if you sell fiction books and the people visiting your websites are business executives, you will have a hard time converting these kinds of people.

So, keep this in mind as you set up your automation tools. Don’t let an opportunity pass by to remind your visitors you have an offer. And don’t be angry when the amount of traffic and leads are not competing. The best thing to do is to get more traffic from the right audience.

Some Leads generation tools include:

  • Sumo email capture
  • Hubspot
  • Google Form

#5. Create an Irresistible Offer

An irresistible offer is that a buyer will think twice before letting it go. If a buyer reads your offer, puts in their card details, and starts making payments, your offer is good for them.

If they stop after that, the problem isn’t entirely about your offer. It’s something else, like payment issues or a low balance. So, the job of a good offer is to encourage them to do something, like filling out a form, paying for a product, or downloading a report.

You need some experience and copywriting skills to create good offers. And you won’t be using the skills on your website alone. You should apply it to all of your marketing campaigns and strategies.

Experimenting and Iteration

As you continue to learn more about your customers, there will be a need to improve your conversion strategies. This is necessary. Keep up to date with analytics and use the information to create better ways to get buyers to buy your product.

Or you can hire an expert.

Conversion Strategy Examples

#1. Ahref

They have a free keyword tool that you can use to get as many keywords as you want and as many times in a day. This is different than what most SEO tools do. They don’t limit the number of times you need to use it in one day. When I still use free tools and can’t afford paid ones, Ahref is the number one tool that always comes to mind.

How they are generating leads:

One, they remind you how to get more benefits with pricing tools. I believe if they can give other users a limited subscription plan that isn’t as expensive as their basic plan, their number of users will go higher.

REMEMBER THE TIP: The idea is to be at the top of your user’s mind regarding certain queries and solutions.

#2. WordPress

WordPress is another brand that stands out in the world. The flexibility you get with WordPress as a beginner blogger is so tremendous. I have seen people making a fortune with the free WordPress blog. It’s that good.

How they generate leads:

Starting with WordPress and building so much work on the platform, many people choose to upgrade when they start making money. Others don’t even know if there are better options. If there are, they don’t care.

#3. HubSpot

Many small business owners and marketers know that one place where they can get the skills and knowledge to market their products and grow their brands.

If you search for certain queries about marketing, you will see Hubspots in the query, which is a sign that people want to see what Hubspot has to say about that topic.

Hubspots offer too many free courses. At a point, as a beginner marketer, I thought they must be running into losses running these courses. I thought about the costs of hiring all the professional tutors that did their courses, the cost of maintaining a website like theirs, and the hundred and hundreds of articles on their website. It turns out, they are making their killings from all these.

How they convert:

They always remind you about their services. It almost doesn’t look like marketing. If you’re familiar with Hubspot, they will tell you, ‘check Hubspot CRM,’ or ‘the link below for more details.’ And that’s it. They focused so much on helping business owners, and selling almost came secondary.

I took their SEO course in 2021 after a year of learning and practicing black hat techniques and years of working with an agency.

Hubspot’s winnings:

I believe they are one of the websites out there with massive data on learning, marketing, business, and how people use the internet. I will like to see the amount of data. This means that they are one step away from innovations, apps, or tools, depending on the data or the ideas that come up from it.

And they sell subscription-based services and Customer Relationship Management tools that help businesses facilitate sales, marketing, and growth.

Remember The Tip: Keep your customers on your website. Give them all the help they can find, and you will mostly stay on their mind. Then, you will convert them through 1) trust or 2) they are used to being with you. Starting over somewhere else is always harder, except, of course, the cost isn’t favorable.

And you see, what’s going on here? I’m not affiliated with Hubspot. I’m not paid to do their ads, and this example is a typical example of what happens when your brand is so helpful and valuable to your potential customers.

Become that brand.

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