How to Create Great Content: Write for Your Audience

Before I knew how to create greater content, I was a little boy.

I was still a child the first time I heard about the Yankari Game Reserve.

I was seven and in primary school (the equivalent of middle school).

It was during English comprehension classes. I held the book in my hand and read it to the classroom. The words were beautiful, the characters were having fun, and the pictures on the page were the exact matches of my vacation fantasy.

There were drawings of kids going around a nice place with their parents.

The entrance has a drawing of a cow’s head. If I close my eyes right now, I can remember it. The drawings. The name that said: Yankari, Game Reserve, Bauchi

Since childhood, I’d kept a dream in the corner of my chest.

Now I’m in my twenties, and I’ve never been to Yankari, but one thing was certain: I longed for it.

As I grew older and older, I heard stories either online or from people who have experienced the place.

All of those are being stored in my brain.

I want to be there, even till tomorrow.

The calmness and the expanse of the green landscape. The locals. The view from the top of the hills.

How to Create Great Content

You see, one of the essential things about great content is the ability to give people a satisfactory experience.

The era of doing the bare minimum is gone. Go deeper for your audience, or don’t do it at all.

Entertain, educate, or solve their problem deeply.

There are many layers to uncover, but in simple terms, you’re here, and I’m doing my best to keep you satisfied.

Is this the stuff you plan to read?

Probably not.

But you’re here, and I’m happy to have you.

So, my job is to make you enjoy it so that when you leave, you can remember what you read.

It is hard because all the information I have about you is that you want to know what makes great content. You want to know how to create great content.

I used tools, researched, and thought about it for a long time, and then this post came to me as an idea. 

My imagination didn’t really help. But I know you have dreams and memories of childhood, aside from wanting to know how to create good content for social media. 

I picked two things you can relate with

  •  Vacation 
  • Childhood reading 

Then I use my experience to paint a picture. I’m specific in everything I say. I didn’t mention two locations or describe Lagos as I described Yankari. I choose one side. 

The post started with a story and gradually moved to the main topic.

Can you do that?

I bet you can.

Or you can hire someone who can.

Let’s get back to my story about Yankari.

An Example of Great Content 

I had a clear image of it. My childhood books really did a good job the first time I read about Yankari Game Reserve. It was painted well enough.

That comprehension passage is an example of great content.

It has the same similarities as other great content I have read. 

It stays with me. 

I can talk about it with other people, strangers, or friends. 

And that’s one thing about great content. It seems so special that you want to share it with others, talk about it, or remember it easily.

That passage from my childhood has that magic.

It was written for me, a seven-year-old.

I enjoyed it, and it became part of me.

You can apply that to your strategy if you have a brand or a business. 

Want to know how to create great content?

Image credit: Yankari Game Reserve, Twitter

Create for Your Audience

Be memorable.

But you have to know your audience first.

And you have to know how to tell a great story.

I have talked about it before in the post: storytelling in marketing.

Imagine your audience and write for that one person.

The rest will take care of itself.

It will become part of them if they enjoy it as I did reading that comprehension passage.

If they don’t, maybe you didn’t do your job well.

This post is for someone who has been to Yanakari or who has the same ambition to go there as I did.

But it will also do well for people who have fantasized about vacations or family holidays.

Then, after they close this tab, they will forget it because they have other things to worry about, like food or their wife asking what they want to eat. 

The Power of Being Unforgettable 

One day, in the long run, a conversation will start somewhere, and someone who has read this same post will mention it.

Did you read about this post about one guy? 

Or have you seen the video of a boy? 

Have you seen this Twitter post by X?

Probably, one person will introduce the content to the other. 

A business owner moves from having one fan to two. 

Content Marketing 101: Great Content Is Distributed by the Consumer

It is a slow way to do it if you are not using SEO or implementing its best practices

Without positioning your content on (Google) search, it is hard to find what you have created in the first place.

But if you remove this step and just do SEO, people will find you and forget about reading another boring blog.

That’s branding or content marketing at work.

(In case I forgot to mention it, dearest reader, I am a content writer, and you can contact me on LinkedIn or Upwork.)

Is it hard to apply this ingredient of great content?

I can’t say.

I take years of practice consistently creating and sharing content.


As a brand or business owner, you need that kind of skill.

Think about your audience.

What do they want to see, learn, or enjoy? Give them what they want, but be a bit creative about it.

Practice it.

Refine it until you start getting results.

Greatness is an important ingredient that makes people bookmark blog posts and Twitter threads.

When they find content impactful, helpful, or remarkable, they want to read it again.

Now you are wondering if you’re good at this content thing.

You wonder what makes great content. Can you learn it in a short time?

You’re the one that can answer that, but don’t forget, this is what I do.

Call me Ade. I am an SEO content writer.

You can reach me through the contact form.