11 Interesting Ideas From Naval Ravikant On Joe Rogan Podcast

If you have listened to Naval Ravikant on Joe Rogan’s podcast, you will find a few ideas you can apply to money, life, and happiness. These are some of the important ones that are worth sharing.

Naval Ravikant is a tech investor, philosopher, and podcaster. His ideas about wealth, technology, and the future are awesome. I first heard of him when someone shared his tweetstorm on how to get rich:

Reading his tweet and listening to him reinforced my belief that people who are good at something think about common themes differently. 

My favorites of Naval Ravikant’s podcasts are how to get rich and his episode with Joe Rogan. The episode with Joe Rogan is more interesting because his host here is contributing to the conversation much better. 

By the way, Joe Rogan and Naval Ravikant are good at what they do. I have listened to the episode countless times, and these are the important ideas from the podcast.

Key Notes From Naval Ravikant, On Joe Rogan Podcast.

You can learn more when you listen to Joe Rogan’s Experience: (#1309 – Naval Ravikant). These are the Aha moments of the Naval – Joe Rogan podcast:


When you combine things you are not supposed to combine, that’s interesting. 

Naval Ravikant said this when Joe referred to him as one of the rare guys. He used Bruce Lee as an example:

“Bruce Lee is a philosopher, martial artist, striking thought, and actor, so he’s interesting.”

We can also use this idea in business or marketing. Google is a search engine, but it’s creating tools and resources for everyone, from Google Docs to digital marketing courses. They are more than a search tool.

Apple sells modern and portable devices with a status signal.


Output is non-linear based on the quality of work… work like a lion, not a cow.

Naval explains that every new entrepreneur’s common mistake is the thought of a predictable outcome. If I work long and hard, I should get specific results.

Outcomes aren’t predictable. How hard you work doesn’t matter as much as what you work on, who you work with, and where you work. 

You see that every day. Those who make the most money aren’t necessarily the ones who work long hours. Mountain climbers, gold miners (not the gold merchant), and store owners work hard. 

For instance, if an amateur works on a content marketing strategy for hours, days, and years, will it bring the same results as a pro working for half the same duration? 

Choose the work, the people, and the project carefully. Work in a sprint (not a marathon), then rest.


Most modern life diseases are diseases of abundance. We are over-exposed to everything. The way to survive in modern society is to retreat from society. 

Getting the latest information about every country or person worldwide is easy. Log into your social media app or turn on your phone, and everybody’s business is in your hand and inbox. Today, you can learn new skills online anywhere in the world.

But that’s not the way to live. You need time alone to think, meditate, breathe, and learn new skills. Reduce social media use, turn the phone off, and learn to think for yourself.


Desire is the contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want. So when I’m happy, I look for what’s the unlying desire that’s not been fulfilled. 

Some of your issues can be solved or better handled when you look inward. So go into a rabbit hole of questioning yourself. Why do I feel this way? What can I do about it? 


Pick one overwhelming goal. Don’t pick too many. Allow one thing to be your obsession.

Except for children, there is no point in crying about every problem you have. Humans have infinite desires, and focusing on them is impossible without being miserable. 

Pick one. Let it be the one you want to die for. I choose writing, but I have learned to focus less on studying the craft and putting words out there.


The powerful thinker, they have to understand the basics really, really well. 

I have always told people to understand marketing basics if they have an online business. I suggested it in my former post learning Search Engine Optimization. It will help in many ways to think from the ground up.

Becoming better at your job is much easier when you understand what you do from the basics. Then, you get to break things and learn upward again. 

Use mathematics as an example. You have to understand the basics of Algebra to be good at calculus. Then, when things get complicated, the level at which you know the foundational knowledge is what helps you. 

I think generally people’s thinking process is too bound by convention or analogy to prior experiences. It’s rare that people try to think of something on a first principles basis. They’ll say, “We’ll do that because it’s always been done that way.” Or they’ll not do it because “Well, nobody’s ever done that, so it must not be good.” But that’s just a ridiculous way to think. You have to build up the reasoning from the ground up—“from the first principles” is the phrase that’s used in physics. You look at the fundamentals and construct your reasoning from that, and then you see if you have a conclusion that works or doesn’t work, and it may or may not be different from what people have done in the past.

Elon Musk


If you have everything you want, you won’t have done anything with your life. 

It’s the same truth about abundance. Life gets boring too quickly if we have all we want in life from the first day on earth. It can get overwhelming and steer people toward frustration, drug use, and early death.


You want to get rich and anonymous, not poor and famous. 

“Humans are always signaling. Rather than really looking at yourself, you’re looking at how other people look at you.” 

“It’s kind of a disease – social media is making celebrities of all of us, and celebrities are the most miserable people in the world.”

Rich and anonymous sounds like the kind of life happy people choose because fame comes with unwarranted responsibility. People want you to be involved in everything, even things you don’t want. Some of your fans think they deserve your time whenever or wherever they want it. 


“If you want to be effective in business, you need a clear, calm, cool, and collected mind.”

The best time to make good decisions is to have a calm mind. Be in control of your thinking and emotions most of the time. 


“The question is not whether automation is going to eliminate jobs. There is no finite number of jobs that we’ve been sitting around dividing up since the Stone Age. New jobs are being created and they’re usually better and more creative jobs. So the question is – how quickly is this transition going to happen, what kinds of jobs will be eliminated, and what kinds of jobs will be created?”

This answers some of the questions you have about Artificial intelligence. Don’t get too scared. Think of the new jobs that will be created. 

If Artificial intelligence replaces content writers, someone has to design or program how it will execute the job. 

What other jobs will be available in this industry when this happens?


Everybody wants to be wealthy, everybody wants to be happy, and everybody wants to be fit. Here’s the good news – all 3 of those things can be taught.

Naval Ravikant on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

If you have overcome a heartbreak, you will understand it is about choice. Of course, it’ll be harder than understanding SEO, but learning how to be happy, wealthy, or fit is possible. 

There is still a lot you can learn from Naval Ravikant on Spotify. You can listen to his podcast or relisten to his conversation with Joe Rogan.

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