Why You Shouldn’t Hire Human Writers Anymore

I started as a writer, offering everything from SEO blog writing services to copywriting to storytelling. So why would I say you shouldn’t hire humans anymore?

Well, things have changed.

Let me explain.

In the past, you bought a domain name, set things up with a host, and started writing as many articles as you could using keywords as much as you could. Put out more content and use keywords, and your blog will rank in Google search.

Getting engagement isn’t much of a problem.

A New Era

Over the years, we have learned that this doesn’t work anymore. Things are getting complicated. The number of blogs on the internet has grown exponentially, and you need to play differently to get on the first page of search results.

It’s no more about writing a lot of things with keywords. It’s a bunch of things. Yes, quality matters.

But not as much in a competitive industry where your competitor has been around for 15 years and has published 1000 × 2000 blog posts. They have 1 million links from around the web, saying they are the best place to read about a particular topic.

You’re in a tough competition. And here is how to win.

Blogging for Business: How to outrank your competitors

You need to publish as many posts as your competitors. Cover as many keywords as they have.

If they have written 2000 blog posts, you need as much as that and with variations of keywords. We won’t talk about backlinks yet.

You have two options in terms of content creation:

  • 1) Use Artificial Intelligence to create content
  • 2) Hire human writers

We will get to option 2) in a minute, but let’s look at option 1.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s faster.

They can create articles within the speed of light. I mean, you can publish 100 blog posts in a week.

Put in the topic; your article will be available in a few minutes.

But is that original content? Isn’t that spinning?

Well, it’s fast, at least. Spinning or fluff.

And, not really. The content is programmed and is like a variation of what’s existing.

But it doesn’t matter. The point is you are writing much content as quickly as possible.

But wait? Will people like the content created by AI?


The kind of people who read this type of content do not care that much. When they search for stuff online, they are not reading the content most of the time. They only need answers as fast as possible. They skim through.

So, do yourself a favor and compete with your competitors. Hire editors sometimes.

You know these AIs can say some incomprehensible things sometimes. The other day, an AI prompt said many things that have no meaning. So, you want to avoid that.

AI is your best friend if you aim to appear in search engines.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use one form of AI or another. That’s smart. AI vs. AI kind of game. Hire Ceasar to face Ceasar.

Option 2: Hire a bunch of writers

It will cost you a lot more. It will cost you $20 — $50 per post, depending on who you hire.

You can hire people from other countries. However, dollars are a lot of money there, and many writers will offer you good value for your money.

If we are looking at costs, this is a wise choice. You give the writers the topic and some guidance, and in no time, you will have a lot of articles created at an affordable price.

Or you can invest in some artificial intelligence to assist the writers. These tools can give keyword suggestions, and the writers will just write around them.

For instance, some tools would suggest more than 700 phrases for you. All you have to do is include them in your blog post. It will read like content created for robots. But does it matter?

The point here is to rank. Remember, no one is reading this stuff.

When you finish, your article will have a higher chance of ranking in search engines.

Now, there is a third option.

3. Hire a professional SEO blog writers

Professional SEO blog writing services are pretty expensive. For example, they charge as much as $100 – $1000 per post.

And that’s so insane.

But here is the thing.

A professional SEO blog writer works for big brands, not small blogs.

Professionals understand marketing, user retention, conversion, SEO best practices, and many other things.

Those who hire professional writers are usually people:

  • Business owners who want to sell their products
  • People who know you have to make readers care before they bring out their payment cards
  • People who want to create a community around their product.

These business owners understand that they must always hire the best people to do the job.

They choose professional SEO blog writers for the following reasons:

  • These writers will go the extra length to write about a topic
  • They have firsthand experience with most of the things they are talking about
  • They have the wit to build connections with words. Words aren’t just words to these guys. Words are weapons. How and what you say matters
  • They understand human psychology. Nobody will buy products because you tell them to buy them. So, psychology is how they build interest in the products you are selling.
  • Their content is fashioned in a way that if your readers don’t buy right now, they will come back when they need your product.
  • Professional SEO blog writing services cover a lot of things, from keyword research, understanding customers, editing, optimization, and conversion. As I have said, they are not just writers. They have firsthand experience in marketing in a company, Search Engine Optimization, or a field related to what you hire them to write about.
  • Working with professional SEO blog writing services can earn you a few backlinks or authority in your niche. Search engines and your readers will trust your business a lot more when they see an established and competent writer’s name on your website. This improves how many people know about your brand and how much they trust you.
  • When you hire professionals who can use AI, it’s like buying weapons for your qualified soldiers. They create extraordinary content. In other words, AI helps the best of the best writers become unstoppable.

Hire Who Is Right For Your Business

As I have said earlier, this is more expensive, and many professional writers are giving up on writing because they are being replaced by technology. The majority of businesses out there are writing content with option 1 and option 2. You can’t blame them since money is on the line.

But, if it happens that you care about readers’ feelings, human psychology, authority, trust, and conversion (from readers to subscribers or buyers), you can reach out to me. Or use the contact form page or use the social media icons at the bottom of this page.

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