7 Soft Skills for Content Writers To Succeed In Competitive Industries

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Online marketing is competitive. Understanding the soft skills for content writers can make a difference in achieving your business goal.

Every great content writer must have an incredible knowledge of the topic at hand, the writing language, and Search Engine Optimization.

As a business owner, consider the writer’s research skills, attention to detail, and level of competence in the niche.  

These are good places to start before the hiring process is finalized.

However, to get the best talent on board, you should consider other skills.

Unfortunately, most recruiters ignore these important qualities, and the results are all over the internet in terms of substandard articles or dull, repetitive content. 

Are you a business owner who wants to hire content writers? These are 7 other skills you might want to consider. 

Are you a content writer who wants to improve? You will find the list below helpful.

Read on. 

7 Soft Skills for Content Writers

#1. Creativity 

The content writer must write about the topic a little differently. It will favor SEO, and it helps to gain the audience’s trust. 

Imagine a reader checking a website today, and the next day, they checked another. Realizing that the two blogs or websites have said the same thing is a big turn-off. That’s NOT how to make a good impression on people who will eventually pay for your products or services.

So, one of the soft skills for content writers is creativity. Professional content writers will find an angle for writing fresh, creative, and unique content. 


Let’s say the topic is “How to tie a shoe.” After looking at tons of articles on the internet and seeing a million articles created on the same subject, the content writer might want to create something unique. How? 

She could come up with an angle such as “How To Tie A Shoe using xyz from ABC movie as a case study.”

Does that spark a new interest in something a lot of writers have done before? Isn’t that more intriguing to read than the previous topic?

#2. Persuasion 

You will notice this in the way the content writer pitched the purpose of the content.  Does the pitch grab the readers? Does the introduction hold attention in such a way that it’s hard to stop reading? 

Persuasion is one of the soft skills content writers should have. When writing for your business, they also need this skill to generate leads and ensure readers obey the “Call To Action.”

By hiring content writers, you are not only repurposing content on the internet. You are writing to convert.

The creators will work some literary magic into the posts, so readers and buyers feel a certain way. It is called persuasion, and it can bring results faster.

#3. Adaptation 

Content writers are likely to work for more than one organization or company. In many cases, the buyer personas are quite different. Today they might be writing for startup founders who are in their early twenties. Tomorrow they might be writing for fifty-something mothers who are close to retirement. 

Will they use the same approach to create content? Will they write their sentences in the same manner?

The answer should be no. 

Therefore, the ability to write to the tone that suits the purpose and audience of a given project is important. 

#4. Search Intent 

Look at these questions.

What are the readers searching for on the internet? Why are they searching for that? What do they want to see?

For people asking what skills are required for content writing, they should consider SEARCH INTENT carefully.

What does this term mean? 

Their answer will not only confirm they have a good knowledge of Seach Engine Optimization, but they can write for both search engines and humans. 

In short, SEARCH INTENT means the expectation of a person putting in a certain keyword into a search engine. What do they want to see?

Find out. Create content for people’s expectations. That way, it won’t be a case of serving fried rice when the reader has asked for common snacks in California. 


“How to write a blog post” can be the keyword, but writing about “7 most important tools for writing a great blog post” does not meet the expectation. 

Some content writers use tools to generate keywords. However, failing to check other articles might mean they miss the point of what readers are looking for, and their content will fail its purpose.

#5. Humour 

Some content does not require humor. Sometimes, the purpose of the content can also mean being funny might be considered irrational. An overdone joke can ruin business too.

However, many people will love a good laugh when reading on the internet. Humour is magnetic. Even if the intent is to buy skin care products to treat acne that has forced the reader to stay at home on the first day of prom, humor can lighten how they feel and make them buy the product faster. 


You are eager to get our products so you will look like Angelina Jolie come next prom day. We can’t wait either to see you as beautiful as ever.

One of the skills a content writer should have is humor and wittiness. It is not something they will need all of the time. However, it is something they should sometimes do, especially if it is possible to create content. 

#6. Social Listening 

Social listening looks similar to the ability to follow trends, but it’s a little different.

Following trends is a must. It is where ideas for great content come from, and every content writer who wants to stay in business will have to do it. 

On the other hand, social listening is the process of listening to what people are saying about a brand. 


What are people saying about your competitors? Do the content writers know? Will they care to find out and use that to create great content for your brand?

So social listening can help in planning your content strategy. In the process, it enables you to know what people are saying about you. Provide answers to their questions or change their negative perspective — if possible — of your brand.

Consider these among the skills for content writers’ resumes. Let them show and probably prove it.

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#7. Discipline 

Discipline is essential to any successful business. It will lead to time management and placing value on promises made to clients.


What are the qualities of a good content writer?

The answer is the result they bring to the business. Content writing is a profession of continuous learning and adaptation. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to verify these soft skills for content writers

You can use check samples, the pitch they send to you can tell too, or ask questions about their experience. 

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