10 Best Romantic Suspense Books To Keep You Awake

is more than a hobby for any fiction lover. Aside from all the benefits of reading fiction, such as empathy and improving your imagination, sometimes you want to enjoy a specific trope or story type. I have been in similar shoes, as someone who reads and writes romantic suspense books.

You have a preference: romance and suspense – romantic suspense?

These are rare options. Not because there are no romance or suspenseful books, but because they tend to lean toward one side. They are either more romantic or less suspenseful. Or more suspenseful, less romantic.

In that regard, these 10 romantic suspense books are worth your time.

10 Best Romantic Suspense For A Sleepless and Fast-paced Night

best romantic suspense book series

1. The Mindfuck Series

This series has five books in total, and they are all great reads. Imagine a female serial killer is hunting down the serial rapists and abusers. Then, she falls in love with the FBI agent investigating her crimes.

I will let you imagine.

There are five books in the series, so get ready for a long and engaging ride.

2. Verity

It’s one of the most popular books in 2023. People can’t stop talking about it, especially on TikTok (#BookTok).

Do you want to know why?

It’s so easy to get into… No playing on your intelligence or trying to show you how smart the author is. It warms you up from page one. The author’s style is like reading the thoughts of one funny lady (an aspiring author.) She is about to get a job of completing a woman’s manuscript and uncovering some secrets about the main author’s life.

If you love a weird and easy-to-read book, especially if you are not an avid reader, this could be your favorite romantic suspense book. Moreover, this book has been on the best-seller list for a long time in 2023.

3. The Salient Patient

The book starts with some mystery, and the mysteries compound soon. Why would a lady decide one evening to shoot her husband? Not once, but five times as if she wanted to be sure he could die from a gunshot. But this is the beginning. Mystery rides onto another and another.

4. The Mystery Around Lola

A female lead who has been blackmailed into executing a murder. Now she is on the run, but the man is searching for her because he still loves her. She runs because she is afraid of him, but not that fast. Falling in love again tends to slow people down.

5. Where the Blame Lies

Imagine a woman who escaped captivity. She was kidnapped, tortured, and traumatized. Her captor died by suicide afterward.

Eight years later, a similar case emerged. Similar patterns. Similar style of kidnapping and torture. Do we have a reincarnated person, or do we have a new killer? But, who? I will leave you (the reader) and Sergeant Jose to figure it out.

6. The Obsession, Nora Robert

Nora Roberts is one of the OG’s of romance writing. Her style is slightly less poetic, but she is the one if you like something moving and romantic. The obsession is about — you guess — obsession. But not the kind of obsession you think. We have a character who is traumatized d by her father’s crime and her struggle with opening up to a new admirer.

7. A Cold Dark Place, Toni Anderson

A war hero who secretly hunts predators. An FBI agent who is searching for the killer of her twin sister. They both have similar missions, but sometimes, missions are meant to be handled alone for good reason. When tough situations force our war hero to leave his cover and reveal himself to protect her, they both have a task to protect each other’s cover and keep to the mission— just the mission or…

8. A Hunger Like No Other, Kresley Cole

It’s a werewolf/vampire series, but it still falls into the trope you’re looking for (romance + thriller). If that’s not your thing, you can pick another title from the same author: The Professional.

9. Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry

Since our trope is romantic suspense, here is a book that fits the description. A female mayor, a murder mystery, a small town, and an arrogant male son of a rich family. It has one more interesting trope to the mix— an enemies to lovers.

10. The Devil’s Ex-Fiancee

Natalie Olisa tries to end one bad relationship. Then, she falls in love with a man who is a former detective. Moving on from an ex who hands in crime to one who upholds morality and virtue, she doesn’t expect how things turn out. It turns out her ex is not the type to take rejections lightly. How did Natalie and her new boyfriend manage to escape the ex’s wrath?