About Me

Hi again.

This is me and a tour guide on a hill somewhere.

I am Adekusibe Ogunmokun, a freelance SEO Professional.

Yet I do many things that revolve around bringing more website visitors, working remotely, inbound marketing, and writing fiction.

My Story

In school, I started searching the internet for ways to make money. That was how I met freelance writing, but it was not enough to make the money I needed to survive, especially as I further my education. So, I started ghostwriting short books, mostly fiction romances. This is a lot more consistent and pays better.

But I want to make more and stand on my own. Then, someone introduced me to search engine optimization.

Five years after doing all of those, I started a blog to express my knowledge and expertise around the things I have learned, the ones I have put time and effort into really mastering.

So, yes, you will find links to my books and content on how to build a business or improve your marketing knowledge.

My areas of expertise

I’ve helped brands increase website traffic, improve conversion rates, and execute growth strategies. It’s hard to list everything here.

I have worked as a fiction ghostwriter, a non-fiction book writer, a freelance content writer for an SEO agency, and a blogger.

This blog will give you ideas on how to grow your business through content or Search Engine Optimization.

Sometimes, I rant — call it an exercise on expanding the mind, which usually happens when I read something powerful or think about something so hard it seems more difficult not to write about it.

My services can be divided into three:

I can work on your website to improve the number of visitors to lead conversions.

Please head over here to see my SEO services.


I care about originality, creativity, and quality.

Count me in wherever the discussion involves working without limit, doing epic things, building a business from scratch, teamwork, and freedom of expression.

I write in technology, remote work, marketing, content writing, storytelling, and growth marketing niches.

If your niche isn’t listed and you want to work with me, reach out through the contact, and we’ll discuss it.

Do you want to see my writing samples related to 

  • startups
  • Product review
  • Content creation/creator economy
  • Web 3
  • crypto,
  • fiction
  • Home Improvement
  • Lifestyle
  • and marketing?

Check my contributor’s profile on Hackernoon for samples that aren’t on the blog. I have written for BellaNaija.

On Medium, I write fiction, essays, and lifestyle.

Do you want to work with me or have something to share?

You can send a message through the contact form or directly use my service page on Upwork.

Thanks for the time.

You can reach me using any of these social media profiles: