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The majority of my works are romantic thriller books.

However, you might one day find another genre.

Until then, these are my list based on how people read them.

1. The Devil’s Ex-Fiancee Series (romantic thriller books)

When a relationship ends, one is bound to start another. What if the ex comes back and tries the new good thing?

Natalie finds her begging for mercy at the hands of her ex, but all is not lost. She decides to show how dangerous she can be.

You can read an excerpt, chapter 16, book 1, on the blog.

2. Saved: Series (mafia romance)

It’s about clashes. A love story. Imagine falling one person in the enemy’s camp and creating a fight between your people and the enemies. No one supports romantic couples from either side. This series still falls under romantic thriller books.

The book is set in California, San Francisco, and New York. It involves running, smut, running, and risking one’s life for another person.

3. Romance and Difficult People Series (Psychological Thriller Books)

Annabel is a mysterious lady who appeared in London and fell in love with a programmer. She is one of those who doesn’t believe in love. More than that, she has a shady past with crime.

The book is set in Brighton and London. It focuses on the life of Annabel Stevens and the mysterious things she did, or that happened to her.

Thank you for reading them.