Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels: The Devil’s Ex-Fiancee Book 1 – 3

So, you’re looking for some steamy romantic suspense novels?

The Devil’s Ex-Fiancee is a romantic suspense book. It’s available on Amazon.

A Little Introduction:

You want a few bits of crime scenes, suspense, and interesting steamy reads.

I get it.

The Devil’s Ex-Fiancee is a series of steamy romantic suspense novels. It’s a story of love and how the people we date influence us. Natalie Mary Olisa dated a cruel psychopath, and that action shaped her into the character you read about in this book. If you are not in for surprises and glee for antagonists, you might not enjoy it. The pages are filled with emotions, actions, and smutty scenes that leave goosebumps all over your body.

This book falls into the psychological thriller category but has a lot of romance and a heat level of 4. So be prepared to be surprised to read some spicy scenes and lots of cuteness and affection thrown on the page.

3 Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels

Book 1: Becoming

In book one of this romantic suspense, we get to know the characters. We meet an innocent woman who becomes changed — a change that’s neither good nor bad. You can be the judge of that after reading.


An ambitious woman seeks separation from her obsessive fiance, but her first step into real love infuriates her ex and leads to dark encounters that bring out the worst in her.

You can pick a copy of this book on Amazon:

Yes, the common theme of many thrillers is to have an FBI agent. This book is set in London, so we have detectives.

Book 2: Fighting

In part 2 of this series of steamy romantic suspense novels, things get weirder. Our main character is now a different woman in the same body. She has become different.

After successfully hiding a dead body, a lady and her boyfriend try to stay calm during the murder investigation.

We have a cold case and a couple in the middle of the investigation. How did they manage to keep their cool?

I recommend starting with book 2 or reading book 2 if you are in interesting in the best romantic suspense books to read for A thrilling night.

Book 3: The Escape

In part 3, there is a family, and things get to a hundred when the main character and her husband start laundering money.

A couple tried to get out of an illegal money laundering business when they noticed some past business members died mysteriously.

Steamy Romantic Suspense Novels Excerpts

You can start by reading the excerpt from one of these romantic thriller books:

Chapter Sixteen

Eric tried the phone the third time.

It rang and rang, but there was no response. 

So, he drove to Natalie’s house. He had planned to spend time at her place. They had been doing this for the past few days, and there was no way to stop. After all their pretence at the office and during meetings, spending the nights together seemed like the perfect decision. 

He walked to the door of her house and knocked, but there was no response. The lights were turned off, too. He returned to his phone and called her again, but she didn’t pick up for some minutes. He tried repeatedly and got the same sound at the end of an unanswered call. 

He stared at the door and turned around in circles. Natalie loved to chat, yet she had not replied to his text. She had not been online either, and his messages were not delivered. He picked up his phone and wanted to call someone to help him track her location. It would cost him a little money but make him understand her location. This would show he was an insecure boyfriend. Stalking her in barely a week-old relationship would be a red flag. 

He climbed the stairs and looked around the front of the house and the parking lots. He sighed and walked to his car. Maybe he should just wait and see what would come up. 

He sat in his car with the door closed. First, he made a voice note and sent it to her. Then, he turned on the stereo and played Next to Me, by Emili Sande. Then, he waited, listening to song after song, and then he would look at the house door and check his phone. When a car drove around the parking lot, he raised his head to see if it was his girlfriend. But it was not Natalie. 

She would not pick up his calls, which seemed like a dream. Should he raise awareness? He could think of possible reasons she didn’t answer the phone. Maybe she had returned to her ex-fiance and wouldn’t answer the phone. 

He sighed again. They had always had great moments. Every time they were together, she didn’t care about anything else. Neither did he. They had found each other at the most difficult times of their lives. Was that not the best thing? You see gold among debris and appreciate it a lot more. You see a plant on a rock and smile. 

His phone beeped once, and he sat up and checked it. It was a text from Natalie. She had responded. 

Hey, I am busy. I will see you at work tomorrow. 

He smiled and knew she was alright.

She texted her back. You got me worried. Glad you are okay. 

But it was odd that he sent her a text that didn’t deliver again. These were weird situations. His detective instinct kicked in, and he called her line back. It didn’t ring this time. It was dead. Something was completely wrong somewhere, and he could tell. So, he kept trying the number, which wouldn’t connect as it did some hours ago. He alighted from the car and walked towards the house. First, he tried to use the handle, but it was locked. So, he went around the windows like he was at a crime scene. When one of the windows behind the house opened, he pushed it up and climbed inside it. 

He went around the living room. A bottle of liquor and a glass cup were on the table, which was weird. People don’t often leave their drink glasses on the table except when running towards a serious emergency. He walked past the table towards the living room.

There, on the floor, the carpet was folded in a corner; footprints of men’s shoes and strands of Natalie’s strong hair were on the floor. 

He turned around in the circle. He should have called the police and told them what had happened. Something had happened. If her ex took her, then it might be too late already. He checked his phone for the contact of one of his colleagues and dialled. It rang, but he didn’t answer on the first, second, and third rings. He yelled out in frustration, walked to the window, and headed out.

Then, he ran to his car and got inside. Starting the engine, he hit his fist on the wheel as he drove off the parking lot. He had to do something, and it might be too late to call the police. He would need a gun to do what he had to do.

He arrived at his house some minutes later. He would go there if he could find the home of Natalie’s ex. It would be way easier to lead other police officers to the place.

He entered the house and tried to remove his coat when someone walked in behind him. He was not as fast as he used to think. The figure put a rope around his neck and held him down. Another figure came around and covered his nose with a piece of cloth. With the clothing on his face, the other man released the rope around his neck a little. He tried to breathe, but it meant taking in more chloroform from the cloth piece on his face. 

Some minutes later, he stopped fighting and passed out.

The Devil’s Ex-fiancee, Book 1, chapter 16

So there you have it, three romance thrillers books you can binge-read this weekend.

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