10 Unpopular Tips I Wish I’d Known When I Moved To A New City

These are some things I wished I had known when I moved to a new city some years ago. They’re based on my experience.

Tips You Should Know If You’re Moving To A New City

Moving to a new city is adored by many industries among people of different backgrounds. You have heard about digital nomads. It’s all about travelling and working.

Our world, of course, is a mighty place, and if you haven’t explored a bit of it, all of its mightiness will seem like a fantasy. Therefore, moving to a new city can be fascinating…

And overwhelming because it means a change of lifestyle. Starting over with a new culture. And maybe a new language.

So, you have decided where to go and what to do… These are some tips. Consider them as my gift to you for taking a step to see a new part of the planet up close.

Let’s get started.

1. Find the lively spots

You should find a lively spot in the central part of the city. Find another in your street.


A lot of things usually happen in this part of the city. For some cities, it’s the market… In other cities, it’s a part of the spot, for some reason, that has everything you need in just a walk around. It’s usually where you can shop for things or sit down and have fun.

Why do you need to find this place?

Well, that will be your spot for a lot of things. You can go there when you’re bored. You can learn a lot about this city by hanging around. Looking for new friendships? You will probably make new friends, too.

And if a stranger wants to come to meet you and they are scared or unsure, this is the best place to meet them. Everyone knows this spot.

2. Know the routes

As you move into a place, start learning about the roads. This point is even more important if you have a means of transport. You don’t want to get stuck some days because a route is temporarily unavailable.

Knowing the road pretty fast will save you a lot of time. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to understand the streets. The next tip will help even more.

3. Go out with locals

When you go out with people who have lived there for a long time, you quickly catch up with many things. They will take the shortest route. They will introduce you to the best street snacks or their favorite pubs or delicacies. Plus, you will make new friends.

4. Learn how to read your environment pretty fast

One thing about places is that they sometimes tell you what you need to know if you pay attention and watch people’s faces. Is the road eerily quiet with no one in sight? Is everyone quiet and standing in groups? Take the cue and get to understand what’s going on. The life you save might be yours.

5. Write Down Contact Addresses of Relatives Somewhere

Here is a quick question. If you misplace your device right now, how can you contact your family in the next hour?

While I wait for you to answer, let’s imagine this same thing happening in a new city you have just moved to. Keep your list small. You can include up to five phone numbers or emails of important people.

This point isn’t for everyone. It depends on you, the place you moved to, and other things. If you have memorized some contacts, you don’t have to worry about this point.

6. Make Your House As Comfortable As Possible

Your house is your safest place to do a lot of things. You want to make it as comfortable as possible.

I wrote a separate article for people living alone for the first time. You should check it out.

7. Before Renting A Place, Visit it twice, different hours, different days

Some places have different experiences depending on the day and the time of the day. For instance, a street can be lively and calm all day, but it could be a dangerous zone at night. You need this information. So, find out before you choose.

8. Learning a new language is hard

It’s harder if you have no interest in learning or no tutor.

Start learning the language as soon as you can. If you think moving to a new city will help you understand the language, you will be surprised. You might spend years there without learning that much. So, you need two things to learn: interest and a good tutor.

Be interested. Be very interested in the language. Your attitude towards learning should be that of enthusiasm.

Find a good tutor. Trying to learn from everyone and anyone is great. But only in addition to having a great tutor.

Check out my post on learning how to learn.

9. Write Things Down

One thing people say is that you should take pictures of things and places so that you can preserve the memories. But pictures are just a part of the whole memories… Your memories of a place or event include what you saw, heard, and felt at that time. Pictures are not the best for capturing feelings or sounds.

In ten years, will you be able to remember what someone said to you? Will you recall what the monk said at the top of the mountain in Fiji? If you do, will you remember the exact words? How much of it will you remember?

So, I recommend getting a journal when moving into a new city. It doesn’t matter what type of diary you get. In fact, you can use a voice recorder to record how you feel or what people say. You can use online app or diary, too. I only recommend hand notes because they are a preference. I reflect a lot better when writing things with pen and paper.

Remember, these tips are not for everyone. They are not dos and don’ts of moving to a new city. But consider your list of items when moving to a new city to capture many memories. For instance, if you think the memories will be valuable to you in ten or twenty years. Then, capture it all.

10. The best place to meet or connect with people is through sports or live concerts

Again, this is just a suggestion. Sports are just easier for some reasons. Aside from the fact that you have established that you and another person love the same sport, people tend to be much more open or happy when they talk or are at a sports event. People rarely go to a stadium or a basketball court to keep to themselves for the entire game.

Also, consider going to a sports event or live shows to improve the bond you share with someone. People are freer in those places. A kind of energy flow around when people watch something as passionate as sports or live performances. Even if their team loses, you will see an interesting and more open side to their conversation.

Explore The World, With Less Hassles

I sincerely recommend moving to a new city if that’s something you want. Learn about new things and live differently from what you are used to. Take the tips in this article with you, though. And share it with other people.

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