20 Gift Ideas for People Who Live Alone

People who live alone also enjoy getting gifts from other people.

Show them warm affection. Bring them a gift.

They like it.

This post covers some of the best gift ideas you can package and send to people who live alone.

Gift Ideas for People Who Live Alone

If you have anyone, like an older woman, a self-sufficient man, or a young adult who lives alone, these are some things you can get for them:

1. Their favourite game

Games can be addictive, but at the same time, they are enjoyable.

So, if you need gifts for people who live alone, you can start here. Give them something to keep them engaged and have fun. 

First, you can ask or observe the kinds of games they love playing or talking about. Then, choose the ones they can play. 

  • A chessboard 
  • A PlayStation 

For people living alone, many won’t mind if the game you get them is one they can play with another person. Having the game is what counts often. But if you want to get them something, try as much as possible to get them something they will enjoy playing alone. 

Welcome To

This Puzzle is a great idea:

2. A toolbox 

A toolbox is one of the best gifts for people who live alone. If they are not young, chances are they will need a toolbox to fix things or someone to assist them when they need to fix something.

You can get this one:

3. A flower pots 

This is one of the gifts relative to the person you want to give. If they love gardening, they will likely love it when you get them a flower pot. 

A White flower pot:

4. Scented candles 

Prioritize this among your choice of gifts for young adults living independently. Do you know why? Many of us love a good scent. Since we spend most of the time in our home, we would appreciate it more if you got us some nice-smelling candles. 

Look at this one:

5. A box fan

We are still on the idea of making the house as comfortable as possible. A box fan can improve the house’s ventilation. And that’s something you can get for your independent friend or family members. 

6. A Pet 

A company won’t be bad for anyone moving somewhere new or living alone.  You have to ask, though. FOR THIS PARTICULAR GIFT, YOU HAVE TO ASK THEM AND GET AN AFFIRMATIVE YES before you get them one. You can get one if they never have one, but they love the idea. If they do not like the idea of catering to another living thing around them, you should reconsider something else on the list. 

7. Something for their pets 

Does your living-alone or independent friend already have a pet? Then, consider getting their pet a gift, like a toy or an accessory. 

You can check the Amazon toy section based on the type of pet. 

This one is for dogs:

8. Body Pillows

They can always have a use for one or two body pillows. It’s easy to cuddle and makes sleeping a lot more convenient. And depending on the design, it can enhance the overall beauty of the house. 

A body pillow:

Delightful Gifts For Someone Who Lives Alone

9. Hangers/Shelves

It’s common for someone who lives alone to leave a few things disorganized. The shoe isn’t kept on their shelves, or the clothes are on the bed. Getting a few items to help them organize the house will go a long way. 

10. Lights & Lamps 

Ask a woman living alone what she wants in her room or space. You will likely say lamps among a list of things. Not just ordinary lamps but night lamps with a special glow. It gives an additional layer to the look and feel of the house at night when they sleep. 

11. Stool 

They will need it sometimes to get things from the top of shelves or when they want to clean the ceiling thoroughly. Stools are faster and advisable instead of looking for someone with the right height for help. 

12. First Aid Box

Gifting someone a first aid box can be awkward, but it won’t be a bad idea if they are family — your sister, son, or brother. They will need it just like every mortal does when they need to quickly treat wounds or home accidents.

13. Echo Dot 

That’s an electronic companion I wish I had earlier. It is a bit intelligent that it can give weather reports and news. The Echo Dot.

They can also use it to play music on Spotify and connect to their device to enjoy a better sound when watching movies on their smaller devices. If you live alone, you’ll know how valuable this can be.

This one:

Or this one (if they have kids):

14. Snacks 

Every human loves food, but we love something more than the other. So, think about snacks when planning gifts for people who live alone. Think about their favorite dishes and just get them that in the meantime. 

By the way, do they love pistachios?


15. Bottle and Can Openers

I don’t know what is up with cans. They can refuse your advances when you need them to submit their content in a matter of seconds. 

So, here is a solution: bottle openers and can openers. They are an excellent addition to the house for people who live alone. 

This is a bottle opener. 

Openers make opening cans a lot easier.

16. Bed Set

Many people living alone often think, ‘Oh, it’s just me,’ when buying home items. They think they will get on fine by buying only what they need. But there are days or weeks when they are super busy and do not have the time to clean. Fresh pairs of bed items can do them a lot of good. 

  • Bedsheets
  • Pillows and pillowcases 
  • Blankets 

17. Corkscrew 

I would love anyone who gets me a bottle of wine. 

Consider this among gifts for people who live alone because even if they don’t drink wine that much, they will sometimes need it when they have visitors or friends who love it. 

Of course, a corkscrew can look cheap if you get it for someone. So, how about you buy a bottle of wine along with it?

18. A Laptop or an iPad

If they don’t have one…

Or buy a better one for them.

They are mobile-friendly. An iPad, for instance, has a wider screen and can be dedicated to other important things they don’t like to do on their phones. They can watch cooking lessons in the kitchen. 

19. Kitchen Items 

I won’t check their kitchens if I don’t know them. But if they are family, and you have been into their kitchen, you can scan the place for things that need to be added. 

  • A rice cooker. 
  • A blender. 
  • Coffer Maker 
  • Crockpot 

This item organizer is worth getting if you are thinking of gifts for a self-sufficient man living alone. 

gifts for people who live alone

You can check this page to see other things you can get.

This flask looks pretty:

20. Wall Art

This is a personal preference, and many people love artwork a lot. So consider it among the gifts for people who live alone. 

They come in different sizes and styles. If someone already has some type of wall art or frames, you can use that as a clue to get them those types of designs. 

Tips for gifting someone: 

  • Know the person you’re gifting.
  • Ask them. If not directly, you can listen to what they talk about and what they try to acquire. You can also ask someone who knows them.
  • Making it personal is always better.