3 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses You Can Steal From Hubspot, Canva, and Upwork

low-cost marketing ideas

Are you looking for low-cost marketing ideas for small businesses? Then let’s steal some. Although stealing your competitors’ ideas might sound scammy, it’s faster, safer, and more effective to look at what’s already working. You are looking at Upwork, Canva, and Hubspot in this post. Let’s see what they did to bring sales and traffic … Read more

How to Increase Sales Online: The 8 Tiny but Powerful Things To Start Doing Right Now

Increase sales

Learn how to increase sales online by applying a few tweaks to your business strategy. These things aren’t difficult to understand but can be challenging to practice. You can apply the ideas anywhere from Amazon to Etsy to restaurants. Let’s start. 8 Creative Ways to Increase Sales Online Today These ideas are targeted at small … Read more

How to Write Evergreen Content 

How to write evergreen content

People used to ask me to teach them how to start freelancing, and I always recommend the best articles I can find about the topic. I used to do this until I wrote a post about the topic myself. It was my first attempt to write evergreen content. Instead of explaining, I can just point to … Read more

Content Writing for New Businesses: Your Competitor (Part 1, to Outrank Your Competitors or Not)

Outrank your competitors on google

Today’s post is about how to win even if you don’t outrank your competitors. The lucky thing about starting an online business is that you can start anywhere and anytime.  But there are many competitors.  And everyone is trying to get to the front.  We’re in the attention business.  The business that gets the most … Read more

Content Writing for New Businesses: Who Do You Want in Your Community?

content writing tip

Here’s an example of the power of content writing:  Every day Mani types some keywords into the search engines to find ideas for growing her small-scale business. She owns a restaurant. She usually searches for various things, from recipes to customer satisfaction to marketing. When she isn’t working, she just wanders around and picks random … Read more

Who Is an SEO Content Writer

SEO content writer

Many people have a vague idea of the job of an SEO content writer. It is often confused with other writing services, especially SEO copywriting.  This post explains all you need to know about this type of writing.  What Is SEO Content Writing?  SEO stands for search engine optimization. It involves technical or content creation … Read more