70 Best Blog Posts I Have Ever Read

This post is number 100 on this blog, and what other best way can I celebrate than putting a list of the most insanely beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring best blog posts I have ever read?

Thinking about it now, starting this blog has changed my views about marketing, content creation, and business. (I’m still waiting for it to change my finances for good, lol.)

Most of my early posts are not that great. In fact, the first year (24 posts in total) is not really that good.

So, if I were to start again, I would use this list as an inspiration for what I should be writing about. I’ll be honest with you; I collated this list in two days of shuffling through the internet and recovering some links offhand and checking my bookmarks and pocket app, and I got a ton of fresh ideas from my blog than I ever did before. And they are ideas that really, really interest me. So, follow the blog if you haven’t.

The list can be a source of inspiration to you, too. Bookmark, share it on Twitter and show it to your friends. That way, you can remember it.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.


1. How to start a million-dollar business in one weekend — Tim Ferris’s blog

2. How to make wealth — Paul Graham

3. 7 Rejections — Brian Chesky, founder of Airbnb

4. I started a Business from a Reddit post when I was on the brink of homelessness, and it’s turned into a thriving business! Ask me anything

5. How to succeed when you have no special skills — Oliver Emberton

6. Are You Poor or Living in Poverty? This Story Will Make You Smile & Motivate(d) — ShoutMeLoud (This was first shared on Quora. It has been deleted, but you can view it through Internet Archive.)


7. How to learn digital marketing — Nat Eliason

8. How to learn digital marketing 99 resources and 8 learning paths — Reddit (this is a Reddit post)

9. Facebook ads for beginners — Buffer

10. The 20 Best Marketing Articles of All Time, According to HubSpot’s Marketing Team

11. The 30 Best Websites to Learn Marketing for Free — Lauren Holliday

12. The LinkedIn hack that made me $120,000 — Thehustle.co

13. From 0-20 Million Views on Quora and How I Did It — Semrush

14. How to Prevent A Business Dry Spell — Mareo Forleo (check my post on how to start freelancing)


15. The Most Important Question of Your Life — Mark Manson

16. In defense of being average — Mark Manson

17. Are you entertained or addicted — Mark Manson

18. How to be great. Just be good, repeatedly — Steph Smith

19. The anatomy of determination — Paul Graham

20. The cook and chef — Wait But Why

21. Hackers and painters — Paul Graham

22. Nobody Cares How Hard You Work — Behance

23. Why hard work alone isn’t enough to get ahead — BBC

24. What should I do with my life — Lauren Holliday

25. Why your late twenties is the worst time of your life — HBR

26. 11 Things You Will Regret in Your 30s — Insider

27. Greatest Lifehacks in the World — New Yorker

28. 1000 true fans — Technium

29. 10 Life Lessons To Excel in Your 30s — Mark Manson

30. 10 Painfully obvious truths everyone forgets too soon —- Markandangel.com


31. Write Till You Drop — Annie Dillard

32. The danger of a single Story — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

33. The Stringed Benefits of Failure — J K Rowling

34. Your elusive creative genius — Elizabeth Gilbert


35. On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas — Jon Morrow

36. This is not the end of your story — Naomi Dunford

37. If I were 22 — Tony Robin


38. Secret to Creativity — Pick The Brain

39. How to get proven Ideas — Lauren Holliday

40. Where do you get your ideas — Neil Gaiman

41. How to Become a Successful Content Creator — Si Quan Ong, Ahref

42. The tyranny of ideas — Nadia Asparouhova

43. How to Be Creative — New Yorker

44. The Ultimate Deliberate Practice Guide: How to Be the Best — Farnam Street

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45. Why it is awesome that your brain can experience awe — Washington Post

46. Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man – Wait But Why


47. On writing — J K Rowling

48. How to write a phenomenal blog post in the world full of average ones — Lauren Holliday

49. How to start a blog that changes your life — Nat Eliason

50. Writing Well — Julian Shapiro (for non-fiction writers)

51. Thoughts on writing — Elizabeth Gilbert


52. Writers who make over $10,000 a month self-publishing on Amazon share 4 tips on how to get started with no experience


53. Zanshin: Learning the Art of Attention and Focus From a Legendary Samurai Archer — James Clear

54. The Feynman Learning Technique — Farnam Street

55. Making of An Expert — HBR (highly recommended)

56. 33 Websites that will make you a genius — Observer

Fiction Writing

57. Crafty Feeling — Zadie Smith

58. Eight Rules of Writing Fiction — New Yorker

59. Writing Web Serials — John Wilblow

60. The 2 Most Common Mistakes Writers Make with Backstory — Fiction University

61. Nuts and Bolts: “Thought” Verbs — Chuck Palahniuk

Read my posts about fiction writing:

Content Creation

62. Diversify your income: all my ideas from making money — Lauren Holliday

63. How to make your blog post go viral — Lauren Holliday

64. How to make a blog strategy — Nerville Mherdora


65. Something is wrong with the internet — Jame Bridle (a post that dates back to 2017. It looks at the things people are doing to make money on the internet. It will make a lot of sense now that AI is replacing writing and other creative jobs. While some people are working to improve the internet, some are looking for ways to gamify or make it work on autopilot, even if it means creating garbage.)

66. The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You —- Zana Rana

67. The post above is one of the inspirations for How to be Alone without feeling like a looser)


68. Finding Programming Inspiration: Learning to Code and Launch in Months – Steph Smith

The Best blog posts Ever

69. Life is a game, and this is your strategy — Oliver Emberton

70. Caught in the study web — Fadeke Adegbuyi

What’s the most useful blog post you’ve ever read?

You can send me your list using the contact form.

If you’re a blogger and you would like to create this list, you can link back to me, and I will reach out to you to reference your list under this section.

By the way, I will go back to my archive again and see if I can find 30 more to include in this post.

Also, this could become a yearly thing because these are just the best for now. There is more to read and learn from.