Local SEO for Small Businesses: Enhance Your Online Presence & Get More Sales in Your Locality

local SEO for small businesses

Does your business serve people in a specific geographical location? For example, you run a restaurant in a particular city, a home cleaning service, or any enterprise with a physical address. Then you should learn about local SEO for small businesses, the advantage of positioning online so people can discover your business and its location.  … Read more

How to Reduce Social Media Use

If you know how to reduce social media use, will you do it?  I will take it seriously because I know the apps are playing psychological tricks on me as a user, and I want to redirect the hours I spend there to my business.  Social media have its advantage. So, don’t get me wrong. … Read more

Should I Hire An SEO Consultant?

Should I hire a SEO consultant

Nowadays, marketing is easy to start. Pay a few bucks, and you are ready to launch a campaign. The hard part is getting results like sales. So, it’s important to ask questions like, Should I hire an SEO consultant? Will it be worth it? If you are a small business owner with a small budget, … Read more

How to Practice Storytelling in SEO Writing

How to practice storytelling

To practice storytelling in SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t hard if you are used to how stories work. Let’s say I want to start an article about starting a side hustle; I can start with a personal story like: The worst day of my life: November 25, 2016. I was fired from a job. I … Read more

17 Seo Writing Best Practices To Rank On Google


I tried to make this list easy to understand, and I hope you’ll see it as a pocket guide on SEO writing best practices. These are 17 ideas on writing content that consistently brings organic traffic. Let’s start. What Beginners Should Know For beginners, you should understand what SEO writing really means. Click on that … Read more

How to Stay Productive as a Manager When 24 hours/Day Seems Insufficient

How to stay productive

As a manager, you might struggle with handling the workload, meeting deadlines, social media distractions, and ineffective time management techniques. So obviously, you tend to ask how to stay productive. Let me ask: Do you want to create an approach that increases your work productivity? I’m saying don’t just pick time management techniques and implement … Read more

10 Extraordinary Examples of How to Write Headlines and Kill It

write headlines

Write headlines effectively, and you have won half of your battle as an online marketer. According to research, people will share your posts without reading them, especially if your headline is great. That kind of headline-writing-superpower can increase the number of clicks on your blog posts. In addition, it could take your content to many … Read more

What is SEO? Demystifying The Concept in 5 Minutes

seo writing

So, what is SEO? In less than 5 minutes, you will understand the concept and what to do. In a few minutes, I wrote it for bloggers, businesses, or beginners who want a firm understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). If you should forget all you read on this page about Search Engine Optimization, don’t … Read more