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Things I Know About Writing Daily

content writing for beginners

Not long ago — say five years ago or so — I bought a big book and set it down on a table in my room because I wanted to keep writing daily.

Before I would sleep, I ensured to write as much as I could.

Sometimes, I wrote just a sentence. Something like, I read an essay today, and it is so good.

I wanted to become a better writer, and although my writing wasn’t a pleasure to read as it is now (I am not there yet), I wrote every day.

The Commitment Comes When You Enjoy Writing Daily

If you asked me what kept me going, I would say two things.

  1. My motivation to become a fiction author
  2. The presence of that notebook on the table

So you see, those are two kinds of reasons.

One is internal, and the other is external.

On the few days that I didn’t write, I was exhausted or didn’t sleep in that room with the book.

You can do the same.

You have that burning desire in your chest to become a writer. That’s internal.

Now, find something in the external world that would remind you to do the work.

It doesn’t have to be a book. You can do it on your phone.

Write a sentence today. Write a paragraph if that’s what you can.

Writing Daily Is Easier When You Try to Tell Yourself Why Something Capture Your Attention

What should I write about?

Your crush. Aspirations. Your favorite things.

Start with music or food or city or bird or color. Things that interest you. A quote.

The idea is when you come to the table to write daily, you are excited. You want to tell yourself the things you believe or do or admire, but you haven’t seen them in writing form.

So in writing, tell an imaginary person about what you enjoy. I wrote about authors and books I loved. I wrote about Virginia Woolf because I spent days researching her death. Her essay, The Death of The Moth, is one of my favorite reads, and it felt like I was in the mind of someone who is giving up on everything.

No one is going to read it. No one is going to judge you if you don’t show it to people. So just write and enjoy scribbling about topics that interest you.

Progress and New Process

Today, I have found ideas from established writers and from books on how to write every day.

They include:

I suggest you research them online. The process I explained earlier can also be categorized under freewriting.

Writing for Money

If you don’t know, I am a ghostwriter. I help people with SEO writing, storytelling, blog writing, and ebook writing.

I love writing so much, and it just makes sense that if I could make money from it, I should give it a shot.

It was in 2016 that I first got paid to write.

Sometimes, my writeup is so different that I am surprised with what I have on the page, the results of patience and hard work.

One of the perks of writing for people — freelance writing and ghostwriting — is that your style might change depending on the client’s choice. You have to write in a way that meets their standard. And if they have a style, you have to follow it.

How Do I Become a Better Writer?

That’s a different topic, and you know that. But I am glad you are willing to take part in that.

You need a level of mastery if you are going to get more from writing. Writing can move people or cause chaos, depending on who or how they are writing it. And as you climb the success ladder in any field, more speaking and writing responsibilities fall on you.

You can hire people like me, or if you wish, you can get better at writing on yours. However, people who write for money know that they need other skills in this competitive world of freelance writing. And if people are paying you to write, you can’t disappoint them.

Good luck to you.