13 Ways to Make Money as a Content Writer (By Stealing People’s Attention)

Find out how to earn money through content writing. You’ll discover the truth, the lies, and some resources.

Your journey to six figures as a content writer begins with the understanding that you have to steal people’s attention and how much value you can offer people and business owners.

So, let’s get started.

How to earn money through content writing, the ugly truth

There’s no absolute path. What works for one person might not work for another.

It’s your duty to pick a method and spend the next six months or 5 years figuring things out. 

Reminder: no one can lay a straight path to making money. Your story will be different. You should know this simple fact before you begin. 

You can check my other post, earning through content writing, to see amazing stories of people who build a business out of content writing instead of writing for specific brands.

13 Ways Content Writers Make Money 

Look at the details, resources, and explanations. You will realize they are grouped under 13 headings, but they are actually more than that

#1. Blogging 

One of the best ways to make money as a content writer is by starting a blog. 

Be prepared. If quick money is your aim, you try something else on the list. It takes years of work and doing something different from what everyone is doing. 

Bloggers make money through:

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Creating digital products 
  • Selling ad space 
  • Publishing 
  • Coaching 

What you need (These might look funny, but these are the things you need):

  • Patience and consistency 
  • Quality and consistency 
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization
  • Business Mindset


These are helpful blog posts for those who want to know how to earn money through content writing and blogging: 

#2. Build a niche site 

A niche site is one of the ways to make money as a content writer. It involves focusing on a small but viable niche with huge potential. Consider three main things before starting a niche blog:

  • People are ready to buy things you recommend 
  • There is a reasonable volume of search
  • You really understand SEO and work hard 


I have another post that can teach you how to earn money through content writing, but it’s about building your own business.

#3. Freelance writing

Many websites you see online need your services as a content writer to create quality content for their business consistently. They need help with blog posts, articles, newsletters, content for social media, press releases, and youtube scripts. 

The commonest answer you will get when you ask how to make money writing is freelance writing.

It is viable and easy to get in if you can write well. 

What you need to start freelance writing: 

  • A portfolio of work (the bigger the platform you used, the better. Businesses will work with someone who has a byline at Businessinsider than someone who uses Google Docs. Remember, there is no perfect plan. Start somewhere.)
  • Search engine optimization (depending on the types of content you’re writing. Press releases and video scripts do not require SEO, but blog writing does)
  • Copywriting skills 

Resources for freelance writing:

#4. Ghostwriting 

Ghostwriting means writing on behalf of someone else. For example, someone hires you to write something after they have developed the idea. 

It’s one of the ways to earn money through content writing that pays a huge sum at a go.

What you need: 

  • Ability to hold people’s attention. (Ghostwriters are often hired to write long-form blog posts and books.)
  • Copywriting 
  • Portfolio, especially in the niche you’re trying to write 
  • Ability to step onto your client’s roles like an actor


Fiction ghostwriter


#5. Copywriting 

Content writing and copywriting aren’t the same. Content writers are hired to create awareness about a brand, while copywriters are often hired to make people buy something. 

If you’re a professional content writer, you have the foundation to become a professional copywriter.

But you need to learn, practice, and understand human psychology. Then, sharpen the money-making side of your brain.

What you need:

  • Cold pitching 
  • Copywriting skill 

Resources for copywriting:

#6. UX writing 

User Experience writers plan or write the guides, instructions, and microcopy for websites, apps, and software. 


#7. Technical writing 

Writers with backgrounds in a technical field like coding or Artificial intelligence can dive into technical writing.

It requires you to understand what you’re talking about deeply. So it can be a lot of difficult choices for people who don’t have the expected knowledge. But it does pay well if you are really looking for how to earn money through content writing.

What you need:

  • Background knowledge of a technical topic (the more complicated it is to understand, the less the competition)
  • Ability to break those complex topics down


#8. Writing for magazines

Pritching to magazines is competitive and has the same difficulties as writing for contests. If the magazine is popular, it is usually harder to get in.

What you need: 

  • Read the magazine you’re writing for. If you haven’t read at least 10 of their posts, you are probably doing yourself a disservice
  • Follow the submission guidelines


#9. Participating in a writing contest 

It is like paying the lottery. A thousand people submit to a publication, and some of them will be picked, and often, the winner is selected based on votes.

What you need: 


#10. Ebook Writing 

Ebook publishing is one of the ways you can make money as a writer.

Do you have knowledge that you think will be valuable to others? Then, write, develop and sell it. 

Ebooks can be combined with some of the ways to make money that have been mentioned. For instance, if you are a blogger, you can sell ebooks. You can write and sell an ebook about your expertise if you’re a freelance writer in a particular niche.

What you need: 

  • A marketing strategy 
  • A quality book


#11. Using a money-making writing platform 

Some platforms are designed to allow creators to earn from their work. They include:

  • Medium.com
  • Vocal.media  
  • tapas.io

I have not made money on any of these platforms and am unsure if people depend on them full-time.

#12. Building an audience and creating paid content 

Some platforms allow content writers to create a paid subscription for their content. It is difficult, and those who make good money have at least three things in common: 

  • A large following 
  • A volume of free work 
  • Consistency. Those earning good money have been creating for years, which have built some fame.

Those aren’t reasons to give up, but to start doing something right now if you think of writing as a career.

The platforms you can use for earning income as a content writer:

  • Substack 
  • Patreon 
  • Buy me a coffee

Some stories to inspire you: How Lenny’s letter makes $65,000 in its first year.

#13. Coaching 

Do you have some form of knowledge people will be interested in?

Have you achieved something that people want to do the same? 

You can start a course and sell what you know.

Check places like Udemy and the ads that show in your searches. Do you find those topics? Those indicators that people are paying for what you want to discuss. 

Write a course or the script of your course and sell it. 

What you need: 

  • A marketing strategy for selling your course
  • A large following on social media 
  • Some testimonials or portfolios that your course is good


Those are 13 ways to make money as a content writer. Now it’s up to you 

Before you continue, I suggest you take the time to read my other posts on how to make money online: things they don’t tell you.

Do you want to know more about how to earn money as a freelance content writer worldwide? Then, listen to more success stories of content writers. You will hear how writers are using different ways to make money.

For instance, I find stories of people nearer to me more inspiring.

Time has changed, and not every writer is waiting or using traditional publishing or having to write a book to make money.

New opportunities are emerging, and writers are using them.

I am planning to create a category for writers ‘who are making 6 figures on this blog. You start with this post.


These are some common questions and the corresponding answers:

How much does a writer earn? 

How much you’ll earn as a writer depends on your writing type, tenacity, and business acumen. Treat it like a business; you should make good money.

Do content writers make good money

Content writers can make good money if they know that writing is just a tool, not an end product. In fiction, your job is to keep the readers an experience, inspire their imagination and let them forget their problems while they are consumed with the pleasure of what they are reading. It’s a lot different in content writing because you’re a marketer, brand ambassador, or tutor. Writing is how you achieve any of these purposes. When you understand it, you approach writing differently and work on things you need to achieve with your writing.

What are the best sites that will pay you to write? 

Check the article under “writing for magazines,” some brands are willing to pay you. Check some of the links I added. You’ll find 100 websites paying content writers. Prepare your pitch.

I have not once mentioned Upwork or Fiverr since I started this article. It’s one of the job sites where you can find people who will be willing to pay you. However, don’t expect a lot from them. If you make good money writing on those platforms, you’re among a few percent of content writers with a success story. Don’t get me wrong. Some writers make good money from Upwork or Fiverr, and I still use the sites till the day of writing this post. But it’s hard for the majority of writers. So, your chances on how to make money as a content writer are slim on these job sites.

How can I earn money writing as a teen?

Starting early can be a great advantage if you’re a teen. Choose 1 out of the 12 methods you have read about and start working on it. You will have a great writing career than most people if you learn marketing, network, and stay consistent. Check the former posts about content writing.

Bonus tip: Learn SEO and start blogging. Alternatively, find a platform, and start writing about something you understand or are trying to learn. That work will pay off if you stay consistent for 1 year.

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